The newly updated Junior Casa DT1 is an espresso machine that is designed for the home user that wants an espresso machine that looks beautiful and will run reliably for 20 years or more. It has a gorgeous stainless outer shell with stylish external features, and internal it has high quality, commercial grade components that La Cimbali is known around the world for manufacturing. The machines they produce have outstanding durability and performance. One of the key features of the Junior Casa DT1 is the pump that machine is equipped with.

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M21 Junior is a machine designed and built for those caterers who, although have limited space at disposal, still want to offer traditional Italianstyle espresso coffee and cappuccino. Gruppo Cimbali S. Personal data must only be processed on legitimate grounds in accordance with current personal data regulations, as described below. Provision of data is compulsory so that we are able to respond to your requests; if you do not provide your data, we are unable to allow you to proceed.

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Skip to main content. Toggle navigation. Range Technical data Accessories Downloads. Designed and built for those who have limited space at disposal still want to offer traditional espresso coffee and cappuccino.

High quality espresso and cappuccino M21 Junior is a machine designed and built for those caterers who, although have limited space at disposal, still want to offer traditional Italianstyle espresso coffee and cappuccino. The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the appliances presented in this publication without notice.

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La Cimbali Casa Espresso Machine DT1-JUNIOR

La Cimbali Junior D has been discontinued. I have had the La Cimbali M21 Junior for over 10 years. Agree with other reviewers: it is bulletproof. Has been reliable the whole time. Great coffee. Only negative is the loudness of the rotary pump. Getting this one serviced and then buy a new one with the volumetric pump.


La Cimbali Junior Casa DT1 Espresso Machine with Pre-infusion | M21

It is not about any of the other La Cimbali Juniors, other than in passing. Their authors are especially knowledgeable and provide a lot of information which is true about all Juniors, as well as context by discussing older models. I intended to review this machine here and on my blog since buying one more than eight months ago. One thing and another has kept me from posting much of anything anywhere, but my reaction to the Casa was a special and powerful inducement for procrastination. It was hard for me to find enough wrong with it to write credibly. But what are you gonna do? One calls 'em like one sees 'em, don't one?



Call Us Now for Personal Assistance: Free Shipping. No Sales Tax. Having trouble with your machine? Click here to access our Warranty Repair Request Form.


Junior Casa DT1

This true Italian espresso machine has a rotary pump mounted on shock absorbers, so it's very quiet , programmable volumetric dosing, and has the ability to direct drain into the drip tray or not. It must be plumbed in and runs on a 15 amp volt circuit. It has a large 2. This form of shipping is much more expensive for us than UPS or FedEx, but we feel it is not only worth it but necessary. We have tried both UPS and FedEx and it simply isn't worth it; too many machines got damaged in the process of shipping. The last thing you would want is to place an order for a beautiful machine, only to have it arrive damaged.

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