Jehovah's Witnesses base their practices on the biblical interpretations of Charles Taze Russell — , founder c. Since practices have also been based on decisions made at closed meetings of the group's Governing Body. Jehovah's Witnesses endeavor to remain "separate from the world", [3] which they regard as a place of moral contamination and under the control of Satan. Witnesses refuse to participate in any political and military activity and limit social contact with non-Witnesses. Members are expected to participate regularly in evangelizing work and to attend all congregation meetings, as well as regular large-scale conventions — highly structured events based on material from Watch Tower Society publications.

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Remember friends that these Instructions and the Schedule for the year comes from the Faithful and Discreet Crowd, Matthew This book is being made to use in assisting those who may travel and cannot take all the research material with them, and for those who may not know how to research a part found in the schedule. All material found in this book is found on the Watchtower CD.

If you do not have one, please contact your local bookroom or request one from Society. On some parts of the schedule for talks, you will find a talk that has an assign Less.

On some parts of the schedule for talks, you will find a talk that has an assigned theme and no reference material is suggested, then the student should research the scheduled part through the use of Societies publications and I have done this as a suggested research in advance.

This does not mean that the person giving the assigned talk has to stick with this information. In most cases, the information may not be the same as the information being presented. Please remember, this is being done as an aid to those who cannot research their own materials due to different circumstances.

If you find this workbook helpful, please feel free to give to others who may need help in researching material or may be a traveling Brother or Sister who cannot bring all the publications from Society. When able, please do your own research and use your own personal copy of the New World Translation Bible.

When assignments No. The School should begin with remarks of welcome and then proceed as outlined below. After each part, the school overseer will introduce the next part. If the school overseer wishes and if there is sufficient space, he may sit at a table and make his comments from a seated position on the platform.

For the first four minutes, a qualified elder or ministerial servant should consider Scriptural points from the weekly Bible reading. The speaker should focus on selected verses and should not try to cover too many points. It is better to cover a few verses and to do it well.

Also, whenever possible, the speaker should make local application, and emphasis should be put on how the material affects us today. He should apply the material in a way that will be beneficial to the congregation. The speaker should be careful not to exceed the four minutes allotted for the opening portion. He should ensure that six minutes are set aside for the audience to offer brief comments of 30 seconds or less on what they have appreciated in the weekly Bible reading.

The school overseer will then dismiss the students who are assigned to other classrooms. This is a reading to be given by a brother. The student should read the assigned material without giving an introduction or a conclusion.

The school overseer will be especially interested in helping students to read accurately and with understanding, fluency, proper sense stress, 3. This will be assigned to a sister. The student will either be given a setting or may select one from the list appearing on page 82 of Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School Education. The assigned theme should be used and be applied to an aspect of field service that is realistic and practical for the local territory.

When no references are indicated as source material, the student will need to gather material for this part by doing research in our publications.

The school overseer will be particularly interested in the way the student develops the material and the way she helps the one to whom she is witnessing to reason on the Scriptures and to understand the key points of the presentation. The school overseer will assign one assistant. This may be assigned to a brother or a sister. The student should develop the assigned theme. When assigned to a brother, this part should be given as a talk with the Kingdom Hall audience in mind. When a sister is assigned this part, it should always be presented as outlined for Assignment No.

The school overseer will not announce the speech quality that a student is working on. After Assignments No. He will draw attention to specific reasons why it was effective and refer frequently to the Ministry School textbook. According to the need of each student, additional constructive counsel may be given privately after the meeting or at another time.

Assignments No. If brothers handling highlights from the Bible reading go overtime, they should be given private counsel. All should watch their timing carefully. Total program: 30 minutes. If there are a number of elders in your congregation who are capable speakers and teachers, then a different qualified elder may serve as auxiliary counselor each year. It is not necessary that the auxiliary counselor offer counsel after each assignment by elders and ministerial servants but only when he sees that a word of encouragement or a practical suggestion would help his brothers to 4.

Every two months, the school overseer will conduct a review. It will be preceded by highlights from the Bible reading. The review will be based on material considered in the school during the preceding two months, including the current week.

If your congregation has a circuit assembly or the visit of the circuit overseer during the week of the Theocratic Ministry School Review, then the review should be postponed one week and Assignments No. No changes should be made in the schedule of the weekly Bible reading or the presentation of Bible highlights. May 20 Bible reading: John No. June 10 Bible reading: Acts No. John , 16 No. Luke ; Jas. Luke , 33; John No. John Dec.

Jan 7 Bible Reading: Matthew No. Perhaps no ancient book has its writer more clearly and unanimously established than the book of Matthew. From as far back as Papias of Hierapolis early second century C. It is not merely from the matter, but the manner of the quotations, from the calm appeal as to a settled authority, from the absence of all hints of doubt, that we regard it as proved that the book we possess had not been the subject of any sudden change.

Originally written in Hebrew and later translated into Greek, the Gospel of Matthew was completed about 41 C. Apparently intended primarily for a Jewish audience, this moving and meaningful Gospel portrays Jesus as the promised Messiah, the Son of God. Paying close attention to its message will strengthen our faith in the true God, his Son, and His promises. For example, the Sermon on the Mount is related early in the book, although Jesus delivered it about halfway through his ministry.

During the course of his Galilean ministry, Jesus performs miracles, gives ministerial instructions to the 12 Jesus warned that a person who harbors smoldering wrath against his brother is committing a serious sin.

However, giving expression to wrath by speaking a word of contempt is more serious, making one accountable to a court higher than the local court of justice. Yes, in a relative sense. Jesus was here discussing the subject of love, and he told listeners to imitate God and be perfect, or complete, in their love. By expanding it to include their enemies. Lessons for Us: This account teaches us that Satan is real and not a quality of evil.

Nevertheless, applying Scriptural principles will help us to remain faithful to God. Be conscious of your spiritual need.

Be peaceable. Shun immoral thoughts. Keep your word. When praying, give spiritual concerns priority over material interests. Be rich toward God. Do not be judgmental. What practical lessons are included in the Sermon on the Mount! Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am mildtempered and lowly in heart, and you will find refreshment for your souls. For my yoke is kindly and my load is light. For the teaching of the Sermon was meant for each and every one of us.

However, the last ten chapters 19 to 28 generally follow a chronological sequence as well as continue to stress the Kingdom. In all, the book gives the account from the birth of Jesus, 2 B. Truly I say to you, They are having their reward in full. God]—even his prayer is something detestable.

And he will conceal his face from them in that time, according as they committed badness in their dealings. I will not give my glory to another, nor my praise to graven things. If you pray before graven things, or images, is that going to please God? Should there be application to dead persons in behalf of living persons?

In fact, let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from Jehovah. Jehovah said that he was to be their share in the sense that rather than receiving a land inheritance, they were entrusted with a priceless privilege of service. Read Numbers , 21, Members of the priesthood thus had good reason for believing that Jehovah would provide for them. Why were the Levites included as recipients? Because


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