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ProSoundWeb Community. Please login or register. Does anyone know about the AKG D mic? I would like to use it if it sounds good on anything. If not I've got another mic to put in my vintage collection.

Hi Tom, The , , and date back to the early 80s to the best of my recollection. IIRC, the had both high and lo pass 3-way switches allowing for boost or cut at either end of the frequency spectrum. Perhaps the most unique feature and I'm not positive if it was common to all three models was a field replaceable cartridge containing the diaphragm that required a simple removal of the grille and a twist of the cartidge which freed it for replacement. As regards sound I used the for a while and liked it well enough.

Perhaps just my opinion, but it seemed consistent with AKG mics I've used recently - quite neutral, perhaps even to a fault without a specific 'character' one can put a finger on. HTH Al. Boyd Williamson Newbie Offline Posts: 1. I was a rock guitar player on the road full-time between '74 and ' During the late '80's, I was working in a music store when I joined a part-time band, and needed to buy a vocal mic, so I A-B'ed everything we had in the store.

I liked the AKG D the best, and chose it over the others. It has a warmer low end, and a sweeter presence than the typical Shures. Strong proximity effect and good gain before feedback onstage. I've been happy with it on hundreds of stage gigs. A few years ago, I figured it was time to get a new vocal mic, and bought a Shure Beta 57, simply because of its commonality, proximity effect, and gain before feedback. I use a lot of gain, and "work" the mic with distance.

I don't "eat" it, unless it's for a specific effect. The two compare very favorably. The Shure has stronger mids, and a bit more volume before feedback, but it's actually pretty close, the difference being mostly the more middy response of the Shure. But the AKG has a bit more character somehow, is less "sterile" and "plastic" sounding. The Shure is a bit louder; the AKG a bit more "scooped" and sweeter.

I still like the AKG very much. You used to see these mics a lot on the podiums of important European and Eastern-block political leaders in decades past.


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Forum Rules. Remember Me? Results 1 to 10 of Sign in to disable this ad. They are dynamic mics - studio silver in color. I'm guessing they are years old.


D310 (discontinued)

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