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Building on ancient wisdom, backed by modern science, Kinesensics encourages you to use the simple but natural behaviors of your body, such as yawning or humming, as organic instructions towards improved physical and vocal expression and health.

Each simple step builds on the previous one, creating a concrete pathway to success. No matter what your line of work, Kinesensics can help you overcome obstacles and release stress and strain to be your authentic self. By providing workshops, training, and certification in Kinesensics, we promote, strengthen and disseminate our work to a diversified global landscape. Arthur Lessac. Master Teacher Council. Lessac Awards.

Upcoming Events. US Summer Intensive. Intensive Workshops. Find A Trainer. Trainers by Region. Mid-Atlantic Region. Midwest Region. Northeast Region. Northwest Region. Southeast Region. Southwest Region. Western Region. All Trainers. For Trainers. About Membership. Create or Renew Your Membership. Member Portal. Certification Overview. Certified Trainer. Master Teacher. Teacher Training. Certification Renewal. Ongoing Research. Sue Ann Park. Donate Today.

Finding the unique and tension-free expression of yourself is what Kinesensics is all about. Learn more. Ready to take the next step? Contact Us. First Name. Last Name. Email Address. Sign Up.


Arthur Lessac

Arthur Lessac September 9, — April 7, [1] was the creator of Lessac Kinesensic Training for the voice and body. He first studied voice as a student on scholarship at the Eastman School of Music where he graduated in Lessac taught his ideas of feeling sensation to the amateur performers and helped them develop their voices and bodies. Lessac's next Broadway job came in with a group of European refugees needing accent elimination for their show From Vienna. Lessac taught the cast how to feel and enjoy the sensations of the consonants.


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The human voice is a symphony, Arthur Lessac said, if only one knows what to listen for. To train this symphony, Mr. Lessac believed, one must train the entire body, itself an instrument — a resonant Stradivarius waiting to lift its voice in song. As a result of such training, he maintained, not only euphonious speech but also physical well-being, emotional balance and longevity could be attained.


Arthur Lessac, Holistic Vocal Coach, Dies at 101

You can have a great speaking voice that compels people to pay attention to you. You can also develop your voice as an instrument for opening to greater aliveness. It has been said that if you change your voice, you will change your life. You change not only how people perceive and respond to you. But, you also change your level of openness and aliveness. Your voice is an energy generating instrument. It creates vibration which is life-force energy.


It is so much more than the apparatus. A voice that is free, that feels its inherent right to speak, will have no fear of calling out, whenever and wherever it is needed. But most importantly, a voice can be a beacon in the darkness, something that lights the way for others. From the early s, Arthur Lessac investigated how the human body and voice function naturally and instinctively. In he won critical praise for his work with a cast of immigrants few of whom spoke any English on the Broadway show From Vienna.

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