Dt Sheet. The board must not be subjected to high electrostatic potentials. A grounding strap or similar protective device should be worn when handling the board. Avoid touching the component pins or any other metallic element. DC power is supplied to the board via the 2.

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Intall "ActiveTcl8. Connect serial cable with windows machine, and use any serial port application such as teraterm or hyperterminal, and attach it with COM device, with baud rate set as Make sure the on-board data flash and NAND flash contain no bootable images. Connect usb cable with windows machine, It will prompt with a new usb hardware found message, and will try to install the corresponding driver.

See the online docs for each driver for additional command-line options and other details. Note: Some of the following drivers are commented out in the default buildfile. To use the drivers in the target hardware, you'll need to uncomment them in your buildfile, rebuild the image, and load the image into the board.

Log In. The text you entered is not a valid object ID. Search Wiki Pages. After Building the BSP three bin files will be created in images directory.

Starting SPI driver Starting NAND driver You can test the OS simply by executing any shell builtin command or any command residing within the OS image e. Note : For more information about these commands, see the Neutrino Utilities Reference. Attachments: ipl-ifs-image-load1.

JPG] ipl-image-load1. JPG] ifs-image-load1. JPG] ipl-image-load. JPG] ipl-ifs-image-load. JPG] ifs-image-load. View HTML. View PDF. Show Details. Object IDs begin with an object prefix and end with a number.

For example, if you enter. Some valid object prefixes are:. All these vectors must be B-branch or LDR load register instructions except for the sixth vector. This vector is used to store the size of the image to download. If a valid sequence is found, code is downloaded into the internal SRAM.

This is followed by a remap and a jump to the first address of the SRAM. Restart the board, hyperterminal will be showing following message. Check device has enumerated properly by looking into device manager. Execute the Enable Data-flash on CS0 script. Select the ipl-ifs-at91sam Depending on the size of your file, it will take a few seconds up to a minute.

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