Manual zz. Further documents apply in combination with this operating manual. We accept no liability for a damage caused by failure to observe these instructions. Table 1.

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Manual zz. Further documents apply in combination with this operating manual. We accept no liability for a damage caused by failure to observe these instructions. Table 1. Document storage Store this operating manual and all related documents in such a way that they are available whenever required. The symbols used in the manual are explained below. Print styles and identifiers Bold text denotes important information, proper names and identifiers parameters, menu names, operating modes, cross-references Example: Operating mode Auto 1.

Highlighting A value is highlighted when it is shown in the display on a dark background. Immediate danger to life or danger of severe personal injury Danger! Danger of death from electric shock Warning!

Danger of slight personal injury Caution! Risk of material or environmental damage 2. Even so, in the event of inappropriate or non-intended use, impairment of the device and other material assets can arise. The auroMATIC controller is used for weather-controlled and timer dependent control of a heating system with solar heating support and solar hot water generation.

Any other or additional use is considered to be improper. The owner alone bears any risk. Intended use also includes observation of the operating and installation instructions and all other applicable documents. This engineer also assumes responsibility for installing the appliance properly and putting it into service for the first time.

Preventing illness The controller is furnished with an anti-Legionella function to protect from infection by germs Legionella. Your expert technician will set the anti-Legionella function when installing the controller. Warning signs are identified by an upper and lower separating line and are laid out according to the following basic principle: a 4 Signal word!

Type and source of danger! Young children and elderly persons can even be at danger at lower temperatures. Only suitably qualified expert technicians or our customer service may alter sealed components.

Preventing frost damage If there is a power cut, or if the room temperature is set too low in individual rooms, it can not be ruled out that sections of the heating system might be damaged by frost. The controller can control the following system circuits: — two solar collector arrays or one solar collector array and one solid fuel boiler, — a direct heating circuit, — a mixing circuit, e.

To expand the central heating installation, up to six additional mixing circuit modules accessory , each with two mixing circuits, can be connected. That is to say, the controller can control a maximum of 14 circuits. To operate them more conveniently, remote control devices can be connected for the first eight heating circuits. Each mixing circuit can, as required, be switched between: — Heating circuit radiator circuit, underfloor circuit, etc.

With the aid of modulating bus couplers accessory , up to 8 Vaillant modulating heaters can be connected. With the aid of a switching bus coupler, a 1 or 2 stage heater can be connected. The eBus system can be used to combine up to six heaters to form a cascade. One bus coupler is required for each heating appliance. With the remote telephone contact connection floating contact input , the operating mode of the controller can be changed from any location by telephone via the teleSWITCH telephone remote control switch.

In such a case, the controller functions only as the control system for the solar system. The heating installation is controlled by the existing heating controller. Off Heating installation switched off or hot water generation with active frost protection One-time Cylinder Charging Charges the domestic hot water cylinder independently of the current timer program on one occasion until the set target temperature is reached.

Override Allows you to continue the heating and hot water times beyond the next switch-off time up to the next heating start. Heating circuit Operating mode Auto Eco Heating Energy saving Off Symbol Effect The operation of the heating circuits alternates between the Heating and Energy saving modes in accordance with a predetermined timer programme. The operation of the heating circuit alternates between the "Heating" and "Off" modes in accordance with a preset timer programme.

The heating circuit is switched off during the setback period if the frost protection function depending on the outside temperature is not activated. The heating is regulated at the daytime set room temperature. The heating circuit is regulated at the nighttime set room temperature. The heating circuit is off if the frost protection function depending on the external temperature is not activated.

Meaning If the symbol is displayed after the Eco or Auto mode, a time window is active. The heating installation is producing heat. If the symbol is displayed after the mode, no time window is active. The heating installation is in set-back mode. Table 3. The charging of the DHW cylinder is constantly enabled. When required, the cylinder is recharged immediately. The circulation pump is constantly in operation. No charging of the DHW cylinder takes place. The circulation pump is not operating.

When the holiday programme is active, the operating mode cannot be set. The time of day is given on the horizontal axis and the target room temperature is on the vertical axis. The diagram describes the following programme progression: 1 2 3 4 Until The first time window starts at The first time window ends at When the night set back temperature is reached, the controller ensures that the heating installation maintains this temperature until the start of the next time window.

Thus any further cooling of the apartment is prevented. Example of a heating curve Max Flow Setpoint. Tue Sat-Sun Mon-Sun You can define up to three time windows for each option. Max Flow Setpoint.

The cylinder is charged by the solar system. If there is inadequate solar gain, the cylinder is charged from the boiler. However there is no night set back temperature for hot water generation. Hot water generation is switched off at the end of a time window. The heating curve shows the relationship between the outside temperature and the flow temperature. The flow temperature is the temperature of the heating water as it leaves the boiler.

You can set the heating curve individually for each heating circuit. You have the option of selecting various heating curves to match the control system optimally to your apartment and to the heating installation. The frost protection function ensures that the heating installation is protected from frost in the Off and Eco outside the time windows modes. If the Eco mode is set and the frost protection function dependent on the outside temperature is not activated, then the heating circuit will be switched off during the set-back period.

The controller is equipped with a graphic display. Plain text messages simplify operation. When you turn the right hand knob, you set a parameter. When you turn the left hand knob, you select a menu. A plain text display facilitates operation for you and identifies menus and parameters clearly. Each operating level contains several display screens where the parameters can be displayed, set or changed.

For this reason it is possible that there are more menus described in this manual than your controller displays. Operator level The operator level is the operating level for the user and displays the basic parameters that you can adapt to your particular needs during normal operation without any special prior knowledge. The operator level comprises the basic display, Menus Installer level The Installer level is the operating level for the expert technician.

The system-specific parameters, with which the heating engineer configures and optimises the heating installation, are set in the Installer level. These system-specific parameters may only be set and changed by an expert technician. The Installer level is therefore protected by an access code. The system-specific parameters are thus protected from unintentional adjustment.

The graphic display shows a graphic of the state of the installation or the solar gain. In the basic display you can view and set the current operating mode and the target room temperatures for the individual heating circuits. The menus in the Operator level are identified with a number at the top right e. This number makes it easier for you to find the menus. In the menus in the Operator level you can, for example, set the room temperature, time windows, night set back temperatures and heating curves entirely to your individual requirements.

The menus in the Installer level are identified with a letter and a number at the top right e. The meanings of the symbols are explained in Chapter 5.


Vaillant Auromatic 620

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auroMATIC 620



Vaillant Solar System Regulator auroMATIC 620 / VRS 620/3


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