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Unlike many other programs that tend to run around game stores, conventions, and others that are somewhat preaching to the choice, our community outreach programs try to go where there typically are NOT role-playing gamers, and introduce the general public to the joys and benefits of cooperative music and role-playing games.

Our community programs take place at libraries, schools, community centers, parks, and literally on street corners in high traffic areas, thanks to the wheelchair accessible RPG Bus and RPG Trailer. These are generally strangers walking in, curious what is going on, and we only have one chance to make an excellent first impression bout the ultimate fun of RPGs. Monte Cook Games' No Thank You Evil NTYE is an excellent introduction to the bare-bones basic of RPG in just minutes, but teenage and older players are often put off by the "kid-ish-ness", though they end up having fun in spite of themselves if they let down their guardedness.

Also we know the problems with referencing and ongoing campaigns do not hold up with these introductory systems, and spanning across so many BECMI books, which the Rules Cyclopedia from helps address. Even though 5e is a significant improvement over 3.

And creating a new character is so quick, just about minutes the first time, and then only about minutes each time after that. So, players still don't want to lose a character, but they can get back into the game action quickly, while still learning form their previous mistakes.

Differential learning approach of BECMI, slowly layering in more rules complexity over time with the added rules is how human beings learn best, rather than mass learning. I have had similar success with this approach with MERP to Rolemaster, a much more complicated system, that anyone can learn if done in layers rather than overloading up front.

While we're using the basic book adventure for our GM's initial training in the dungeon crawl, we will be using other adventures that are more role-play and less combat focused as introduction adventure for the community.

We are evaluating which one to go to first. We will be sharing many sessions this coming Sunday and Monday as our GM's continue to train and learn to run the introductory adventure dungeon crawls. Check out their learning, stumbling, insights, and fun Sunday pm and pm, and Monday pm Pacific Time. Navigation Toggle navigation. Hawke Robinson 2. John Welker 3. Jacob Jones 4. Ryan Allison 5. Heather Allison 6. Danielle Whitworth 7. Karla McCallum 8.

Charles Loyd 9. Daniel Ivey Drake Robinson Brad Kane Brian Huseland Emily Messina Jennifer, Game Master I Trainee Michael "Sammi" Shoemaker Brandon Roan Daniel Zanatta de Aguiar Ryan grau Jonathan Hook RPG Therapy? RPG Professional? How support RPG Research? How to get started? What is an RPG? How to Get Training?

Why "waste" so much time discussing the past? Any others you recommend? Join us at Pax Unplugged ! Document Actions Print this.


Basic Set (BECMI D&D)

If you started with a 1st character, and have enjoyed the wilderness expansion of Expert level play, then you are ready for this set. You can also use this set if you'd like to discover what it's like to own a medieval castle. You can rule a land, bring civilization to the wilderness, and cope with all the threats to your territory, while facing monsters and magic of all kinds. Your adventures will be different than ever before. Lower level characters must keep busy surviving and learning; but when you find the challenges lacking, or treasure too easily found, you may start to wonder?


So what is the difference between Basic, B/X and BECMI?

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BECMI Basic D&D Now RPG Research's Introductory D&D Version of Choice

And, yes, sometimes I learn things that the experts already know. This switch probably happened earlier; I only started paying attention to these box codes in the last few years. The Acaeum calls the updated set the 5th printing. About the book, the TSR reference site notes:. So I put the two books side-by-side, and began flipping pages. See comments below. Wee Warriors reprints in stock: Palace of the Vampire Queen and others.

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