Visit our personal website to see our adventures in Argentina! Email us at: pej pejnron. Click the sun to see the weather in Buenos Aires! Information I have compiled and saved on vacationing, living and relocating to Argentina.

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Visit our personal website to see our adventures in Argentina! Email us at: pej pejnron. Click the sun to see the weather in Buenos Aires! Information I have compiled and saved on vacationing, living and relocating to Argentina.

C Topics. From: Sean, July 10, Their basic monthly price is From Claudio: July 31, You should dial - option "registro no llame", now the GCBA simplified the process and you don't have to go anymore to the CGP, with the call is suposly enough. Regards, Claudio. Under catagory: Registro no llame Protege tu linea de los llamados publicitarios. Dial from your home phone. When you hear the automated message, press number 6.

Then you will be told it can take up to fifteen days for all unsolicited calls to stop, but we found it only took 3 days. From: Sean, September 07, Re: We are tourists. We want to purchase a car.

We have the easy papers domocilio. Or can we do it without? As a matter of current interest it would be good to see what your car dealer calls out for requirements and post it here if you can. Having just bought a new car. From: Laura Zurro, August 11, Patricia, according to our dealer where we are considering buying, we only need our passport and our CDI nothing else. No Cuil or Cuit is neccessary. By the way if you don't buy from a dealer you might considr using the services of a reputable "gestores" who will take care of getting your car registered for you - much less headache for you.

From: Patricia Bennett, August 14, Only needed passport and CDI. From: Katharine Pottinger, November 27, They are much better value than the international companies and you should barter a bit with them.

Marcelo and Ana are the best people to speak to in my opinion. Katharine Pottinger. From: carrie leigh porcel, August 30, I can't remember the name, but it has a pretty big sign, I think that the back ground is Black, a ton of stereos in the window display and an entrance for you car, right next to the store front. They did a good job installing my stereo and my husband's. I would go back if I ever needed to do the same thing again. From: Peter J. Macay, Feb 10, We had no problems buying tickets and finding a place to stay the day of the parade.

However, we didn't get front row seats like we did the first time we saw the parade. We used the "V. P" services to get front row seats when we went the first time 2 years ago, this time "V. P" services was sold out of front row tables, so we got a table for 4 for pesos further back.

It was ok, but when I complained, they gave me a brochure with some info on it for ordering on the phone. P" services is across the street from the parade grounds. There are trailers selling general admission seat tickets and there was LONG lines, we went across the street to the "V. P" services window and there was no wait, probably because the tickets are more expensive. Ask to seat nearest the judging area, in the front row, the dancers always put on their best performance in front of the judge stand.

As far as accommodations, when you first drive into town there are information tent booths alongside the road, stop there for a map and information. They give you some recommendations on places to stay. How's your spanish? There are tons of folks holding signs by the side of the road that have rooms to rent. We met someone in front of the ticket booth and she took us to a woman's home, we paid pesos for the house and the woman picked up her 2 kids and pet parakeet and left.

I felt bad, the kids were watching cartoons, playing with crayons, and we kicked them out of their house, I asked her where she was going and she said to her mothers, so I guess it was ok! We did get information on a nice hotel for the next time we visit.

Aguay Hotel, , hotelaguay ciudad. From: Maureen Murphy, January 17, He could do those things for you no problem, and though he's happy to travel the city to do work, we're in San Telmo too, so that might be perfect - I hope so!

Drop me a line maureenmurphy yahoo. More generally and in case anyone else has stuff needing doing that they haven't quite got round to, Jorge is very much available for carpentry, painting and maintenance and he's actively seeking work. He has lots of experience from working in England for 10 years and he, naturally, speaks English. He's conscientious, trustworthy and kind, and he can also help with any other kinds of fixer stuff you might need, from helping you to deal with tradesmen to getting all sorts of things done for you that you might not have time for.

He also makes wonderful stands for laptops - he makes them to measure and has been making them for me for years, whenever I've had a new computer. From: Ginger Gentile, December 15, I had a good experience with a carpenter, who showed up on time, did what was contracted to do, and even. The first time any worker has offered to do so. We took it of course. Charlie About catering don't know much From: claudio, March 22, Macay, March 22, I've been ordering party trays from Picardias for years, excellent quality.

Macay, August 15, When we purchased our apartment almost 3 years ago, you did not need a DNI to purchase an apartment. A CDI is just another way for the government to track you in order to pay your home owners yearly taxes the taxes are cheap by USA home taxes standards as a percentage of the home value. You have to go to the AFIP branch based on where the property you are buying is located, just walk into any AFIP office check the telephone book for your closest office and they will tell you which AFIP branch you need to go to.

You supply the AFIP with a copy of your current rental contract, then you come back in 2 hours go have lunch and it's ready. I have heard that there are some new requirements to show where you got the money from to purchase an apartment.

I guess this is for international money laundering laws, but this wasn't the case when we purchased. I also heard that there is a new law where you have to have a "guarantor" or someone who will vouch for you to be sure the home yearly taxes are paid. Please let the list know if these "rumors" are true as you go through the process. Good luck! We bought a cool new Nextel phone in the USA for a friend here.

When we came back we did not have customs sign off on it, you know how they have on the customs form "Do you have a cell phone? First problem was that custom's hadn't signed off on it. Next problem was the receipt was made out to Ron and not our friend.

They said they could only setup the billing account in the name of the person who is on the receipt. On our way back from Peru, we took the phone with us and had custom's sign off on it upon our arrival here. Once home, Ron created a receipt on the computer with our friend's name listed.

He took all that to Nextel and they activated it finally. The custom's agent didn't even ask for our plane ticket, so we could have just driven out to the airport and walked up to the window. There is usually only one person in the custom's window and I have seen long lines in front of it, luckily both times we went there was no one waiting. Below is my posting from 18 months ago. The major change from that article's date is that GSM International, not North American frequencies is making inroads in a big way, and both Telecom's Personal and Telefonica's Unifon are offering it along with others.

Also, the agency referred to at the end doesn't exist anymore or not with the same level of service. Capital Federal. Frente al Bingo. For most people, prepaid contract-less service works out best. There is no charge for incoming calls other than in peculiar circumstances such as when the caller is calling from an old coin phone that has no way to charge the caller. I currently recommend Telefonica Unifon rather than Telecom's Personal Light which I was at the time of the original article , but that's as much circumstance and personal preference and what equipment I happened to have a spare for at the time.


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