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This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. And yet this pre-eminent genius still lacks a biography which shall make him known in all his infinite variety. The great majority of his drawings have never been reproduced. No critic has even attempted to catalogue and classify these master- pieces of taste and sentiment.

It was to this part of my task that I first applied myself. Among the many previous volumes dedicated to Leonardo, students will seek in vain for details as to the genesis of his pictures, and the process through which each of them passed from primordial sketch to final touch. Leonardo, as is conclusively shown by my researches, achieved perfection only by dint of infinite labour.

It was because the groundwork was laid with such minute care, with such a consuming desire for perfection, that the Virgin of the Rocks, the Mona Lisa, and the 5. Anne are so full of life and eloquence.

Above all, a summary and analysis was required of the scientific, literary, and artistic manuscripts, the complete publication of which was first begun in our own generation by students such as Messrs. I may call the special attention of my readers to the chapters dealing with Leonardo's attitude towards the occult sciences, his importance in the iield of literature, his religious beliefs and moral principles, his studies of antique models — studies hitherto disputed, as will be seen.

I have further endeavoured to re-constitute the society in which the master lived and worked, especially the court of Lodovico il Moro at Milan, that interesting and suggestive centre, to which the supreme evolution of the Italian Renaissance may be referred. A long course of reading has enabled me to show a new signi- ficance in more than one picture and drawing, to point out the true application of more than one manuscript note.

I do not, indeed, flatter myself that I have been able to solve all problems. An enterprise such as that to which I have devoted myself demands the collaboration of a whole generation of students.

Individual effort could not suffice. But at least I may claim to have discussed opinions I cannot share with moderation and with courtesy, and this should give me some title to the indulgence of my readers.

The pleasant duty remains to me of thanking the numerous friends and correspondents who have been good enough to help me in the course of my long and laborious investigations. They are too many to mention here individually, but I have been careful to record my indebtedness to them, as far as possible, in the body of the volume.

Studies of Youthful Heads. The Louvre 4 II. Study of Drapery. Windsor Library 16 III. Bust of Scipio. School of Leonardo.

Paul Rattier's Collection. Study for the Head of Christ. The Brera, Milan X. Head of S. Study for "The Madonna Litta.

Petersburg XIII. Portrait of a Young Princess. Frontispiece 2. Accademia delle belle Arti, Florence. Head of a Young Woman. The Uffizi, Florence. Study for the "Saint Jerome. Studies for the Virgin with the Infant Jesus ascribed to Leonardo.

British Museum. Studies of Horses. Windsor Library. Head of an Old Man. A Study OF Draperies. The Louvre. Portrait of an Old Man. Studies in Proportion. Tire Uffizi, Florence. Musee Conde, Chantilly. Thomas, by Verrocchio. San Micliclc, Florence Museum of ilie Duomo, Florence. Palazzo Vecchio, Florence. Piazza di SS. Giovanni e Paoli, Venice. Museo Nazion. Accademia, Venice. The Base by Leopardi. Giovanni e Paolo at Venice. John the Baptist ascribed to Leonardo. South Kensington Museum.

Bonnat Collection, Paris. Malcolm Collection, British Museum. Formerly in the Galichon Collection. The Valton Collection. Cologne Museum.

Jerome in the Desert. Monastero Maggiore, Milan. Churcii of Santa Maria del Popolo, Rome. From an Engraving of The Chronicler Corio. From a Drawing by G. Certosa, Pavia. From a Plaque ascribed t'O Caradosso log Bramante. Sebastian," by Vicenzo Fopp. The Brcra, Milan. Refectory of Santa Maria lielie Grazie, Milan. Froirr a Photograph given by M. Library of the Institut de France ; from M.

Ravaisson-Mollien's Leonaj-do da Vinci. Wallace Aluseum, London. Library of Christ Church College, Oxford.

Church of San Satire, Milan. Church of San Giacomo Maggiore, Bologna. Church of SS. Giovanni e Paolo, Venice. Windsor Library, reproduced from Dr. Richter's Book. Reproduced from Dr. Richter's work. John the Baptist. Mancel Gallery, Caen. Miniature from the collection of the Marquis d'Adda at Milan. Convent of S. Apollonia at Florence. In its present state. From a sixteenth century Drawing Design for a Lighthouse.

Richtcr's work. Vallardi Collection, the Louvre. Library of the Institut de France.


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