Pads and Shoes. Composed of pressed metal powders which have been fused together at very high temperature. For maxiscooter road use. For off road use. For race use.

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Pads and Shoes. Composed of pressed metal powders which have been fused together at very high temperature. For maxiscooter road use. For off road use. For race use. Carbon based composites bound together with an organic resin. Carbon based composites bound together with a ceramic resin.

For road use. For road, race use on rear brake, and off-road use. Brake shoes lined with organic friction material. Pad Compound Selection Guide. Compatible with. Light Competition. PRO Competition. Principal Type of Use. Compound Name. Cast Iron. Suffix Code. Steel Discs. Polished Rotor Pad. Off Road. Pad Life. Disc Life. Wet Braking. MaxiScooter SM. Platinum P. Argento AG.

Eco-Friction EF. Pad life. Comparison Criteria. Friction level. Overall average friction coefficient. Initial friction at the start of the stop.

Fade Resistance. Resistance to drop-off in friction coefficient under severe braking conditions. How easy the brake is to modulate. How long the pad lasts.

The life of the disc taking into consideration not only the reduction in thickness due to wear, but also maintenance of good surface condition. The effectiveness of the material in wet conditions. The amount of brake squeal and other vibration generated during the braking event. Pad Life in mud. Important for off-road bikes.

Plan View. Side View. Free Standing Display. Wall - Mounted Display. Dimensions cm. A full floating disc, alloy carrier, de - signed to eliminate warping from overheating. Flottanti con campana in lega leg - gera, concepito per eliminare di - storsioni derivate da calore. Inter - cambiabili agli originali. Intercam - biabile con los discos originales.

A full floating disc, steel carrier, de - signed to eliminate warping from overheating. Flottanti con campana in acciaio.

Intercambiabili agli originali. Dischi fissi intercambiabili agli ori - ginali. Ferodo discs are the perfect replacement choice. They are available for your motorcycle in an upgraded version of the OE disc. The style offered depends on which type of disc was originally specified for your bike. Dischi fissi intercambiabili agli ori - ginali, lucidati particolarmente in - dicati per un look custom.

Dischi con campana in acciaio con - cepiti per evitare distorsioni del di - sco opportunamente lucidati per applicazioni custom. All discs are manufactured with a laser cut, heat treated, high car - bon stainless steel that provides:.

Tutti i dischi sono prodotti con taglio laser e sono in acciaio con un elevato contenuto di carbonio che garantisce:. Ils garantis -. Todos los discos de freno Ferodo estan fabricadosmediante corte. Spring kits. Kit molle frizione. Feder- kits. Kit muelles embrague. The material has unique characteristics that guarantee excellent performance even dur - ing the most severe use.

The friction materi - al does not contain rubber or cork hence re - ducing the problem of sticking or slippage. Ferodo recommend that new friction plates are immersed in engine oil for two hours before use. This allows the material to ab - sorb oil which increases the life of the com - ponent. Note: The racing plates consist of two stan - dard plates that must be mounted one at each end of the clutch set.

Set of standard friction plates. Serie completa discos de embrague en acero inox. High performance. Set of racing friction plates. Racing kupplungsscheiben mit reibscheiben in rennmaterial.

Ferodo clutch components are manufactured to the highest European quality standards and utilise only premium quality materials. Complete sets of steel plates and standard friction plates. Complete sets of steel plates and racing friction plates. Complete kits of centrifugal clutches and bells for scooter applications. Kit completo girante frizione e campana per scooter.

Assicura il perfetto accoppiamento dei due componenti. Asegura el perfecto coplamiento de los 2 componentes. Assure le parfait accouplement des deux composants. Brake fluids. All fluids are of Glycol ether based composition, and are suitable for brake and clutch use. Additionally they have the following characteristics:.

Ferodo Super. Dry boiling. Wet boiling. Bottles are sold in complete boxes only. Recommended for use by experienced mechanics only. Contains polyalkylene glycol ether and other esters. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid excessive skin contact.

If swallowed, seek medical advise and showthe container. In case of eye contact, flush with water for 10 minutes.


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