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Which of the following topics is NOT commonly studied within cognitive psychology? Patients suffering from clinical amnesia are characterized by a disorder in their: a. A participant is asked to look within him- or herself and report on his or her own mental processes. This method is called: a. Which of the following statements is NOT a concern about the use of introspection as a research tool? A verbal report based on introspection may provide a distorted picture of mental processes that were nonverbal in nature.

Different participants use different terms to describe similar experiences. At present, there is enormous uncertainty about the relationship between the activity in the brain and the ideas and thoughts available to introspection. Which of the following statements provides the MOST serious obstacle to the use of introspection as a source of scientific evidence?

Introspection requires an alert, verbally expressive investigator; otherwise, the evidence provided by introspection will be of poor quality. Introspection provides evidence about some mental events but cannot provide evidence about unconscious processes or ideas. One important difference between classical behaviorism and cognitive psychology is that cognitive psychology: a.

Modern psychology turned away from behaviorism in its classic form because: a. Cognitive psychology often relies on the transcendental method in which: a. The philosopher Immanuel Kant based many of his arguments on transcendental inferences. A commonplace example of such an inference is a: a. The memory used for this task is called: a. In an experimental procedure, participants hear a sequence of letters and then, a moment later, are required to repeat back the sequence.

If errors occur in this procedure, they are likely to involve: a. Theorists have proposed that working memory is best understood as a system involving multiple components. The activities of this system are controlled by a resource called the: a. A crucial scratch pad is the: a. The technical term for talking to yourself when rehearsing verbal material is: a. In using the articulatory rehearsal loop, the central executive temporarily relies on storage in: a. Subvocalization is also known as: a.

Participants in an experiment are shown a series of digits, and then asked to repeat them back a moment later.

Participants are shown a series of complex shapes that are not easily named and asked to draw them from memory after they have been taken away. Which of the following statements about this is TRUE? On average, participants can correctly draw ten of the shapes from memory. Participants can use the process of subvocalization to help them remember the shapes.

Concurrent articulation decreases performance dramatically. Evidence from anarthric speechless patients suggests that: a. Evidence from neuroimaging studies suggests that subvocalization is MOST closely related to: a. Central to research in neuropsychology is: a.

Recent developments in brain-imaging technology can help us in cognitive psychology. For example, we can now tell exactly which parts of the brain are especially engaged in working-memory rehearsal.

These techniques are the central sources of data for: a. Which of the following statements about introspection is NOT true? It is based on opinions, not facts. It provides a testable hypothesis. It is subjective. It was an early form of evidence. The process of taking observable information and inferring a cause is known as: a. The great change in cognitive psychology is referred to as a revolution because: a.

An elderly woman has suffered a stroke in her left temporal lobe, and consequently can no longer name common nouns. This provides evidence that language is located in the left hemisphere for most people. What kind of evidence is this? The multicomponent model of working memory shows that: a.

Introspection is not sufficient evidence in and of itself. Cognition is interested in mental processes, as well as activities that depend on these processes. Memory is very important. Damage to a small part of the brain can have a big effect on behavior. Cognitive processes are NOT necessary for which daily activity? Introspection is considered the first step toward cognitive psychology as a science because: a. Span tests measure: a. We know the storage loop is separate from the other components of working memory because: a.

Even though the articulatory loop cannot be seen directly, we are confident it exists because: a. Cognitive psychology relies on evidence from multiple domains behavioral, neuroscience, trauma, etc. Which of the following kinds of evidence would NOT be used in cognitive psychology?

Working memory provides one example of how: a. See More. Naida Schultz. Published on Apr 12, Go explore.


Test Bank Cognition 4th Edition Daniel Reisberg

Cognition: Exploring the Science of the Mind text and workbook, work together with the ZAPS online labs to engage students in the scientific process and emphasize the relevance of cognitive psychology. He has served on the editorial boards of many cognitive psychology journals, and is the editor of the Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Psychology. Reisberg also consults extensively with law enforcement and the justice system, and is the author of The Science of Perception and Memory: A Pragmatic Guide for the Justice System. Convert currency. Add to Basket.


ISBN 13: 9780393930481


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