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Login Please enter credentials. Remember me next time. Forgot your password? Beginner guides Getting kicked around in automatch? Not sure which unit does what? Need to learn about game mechanics, victory conditions, or resources? These guides will introduce you to the basics and point you in the right direction.

You gotta start somewhere. The British Forces guides 4. Balance the constant trade-off between mobility and defense with The British Forces. Become the only remaining Western European nation to escape the grip of Axis-dominated Europe. Weather the storm and lead your diverse group in the final offensive. Forces guides If you just added the U. Forces to your roster, these guides are for you. Apply the maximum firepower with the minimum infantry.

Arm your soldiers with the right weapons and deploy the correct vehicles to stay flexible and mobile. You may bend, but you must not break. Oberkommando West guides 6. The Oberkommando West are the bad boys of Company of Heroes 2. They are technologically sophisticated and hardened. Learn the tactics of their fearsome infantry squads and heavy armor.

Support your lines, and penetrate deep into the enemy front. Soviet guides If you're preparing to command the Russian Army, study these guides and you'll be on your way to victory in Berlin.

Here you will find Red Army build orders and tactics, presented and explained by the best Generals in the game. You must defend the motherland. Ostheer guides Preparing to command the German Army?

These guides are for you. Everything you need to know about Ostheer strategy and tactics can be found within these pages, from build orders, to blitzkrieg attacks, to defensive ambushes. Strike terror into the hearts of your enemies. Team strategy guides Grab your team-mate and crack these guides open to learn how to smash through your opponents and dismantle them one by one.

We'll show you which builds fit together and how to use your units in combination for the greatest effect. With the worldbuilder, you have the power of the gods at your fingertips.

Follow these guides and tips and you'll become a pro mapmaker, setting the stage for epic battles. Set it all up so your friends can knock it all down! Master the tools and be the star of Steam Workshop. Hate reading? Do walls of text bore you? Then this category is for you! Sit down with your favorite drink, and watch strategy tutorial videos, newcomer videos, tips of the week, and more! Miscellaneous guides Here you'll find everything else, from streaming guides, to casting guides, to "how to" use coh2.

Some of our most informative gems can be found behind this door. UTT2 Main Event. Livestreams tightrope. Ladders Top 10 UKF. Data provided by Relic Entertainment. Replay highlight Greatest comeback of all time.

Unknown Honor it. Registered members: Welcome our newest member, glassot Most online: users on 25 Feb , PM.


WEHRMACHT commanders and tips

First of all Wehrmacht are Axis and their units are very good,their main ability is to make tons of units and push the enemy back. By the time you will learn all about them so don't worry if you lose many times against Allies. It is normal. First unit is Pioneers they can be bought in HQ.


Company of Heroes – Comprehensive Wehrmacht Strategy Guide

Login Please enter credentials. Remember me next time. Forgot your password? Beginner guides Getting kicked around in automatch?


Company of Heroes

I've bought COH2 last week and I want to learn more about the competitive side of the game. So I'd like to get some advice from the more experienced players around here. The faction I love to play is the wehrmacht. My specific questions about this faction are:. Panzergrenadiers, halftracks. Overall a lot of equipment that can be used in variety of ways.

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