Bladesinger is a subclass of wizard introduced in the Neverwinter Campaign Setting. The other wizard subclasses are arcanist , sha'ir , mage and witch. You are trained in Arcana. From the class skills list below, choose three more trained skills at 1st level.

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Register Help. Stay Logged On. Results 1 to 26 of Thread: 4E BladeSinger from Neverwinter. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Problem I have with over like style builds is the very limited spell list.

Reply With Quote. Re: 4E BladeSinger from Neverwinter You get Wizard Cantrips at level 1, three Bladesinger Bladespell At-Wills at level 1 these are free action spells which trigger when you hit with a melee basic attack , the Magic Missile power lol , Wizard Utility spells at the normal utility levels, no encounter attack powers, and you get daily powers at the usual levels, but you use wizard encounter powers instead.

As dailies. Yes, this is pretty rubbish. Re: 4E BladeSinger from Neverwinter. Originally Posted by kalos So what spell list does that BladeSinger use? Guide to the Magus , the Pathfinder Gish class.

I'm not joking one bit. I would buy the hell out of that. Attributes : Dex and Int. Cha and Con secondary. Implement Proficiencies : Wands, Rods and Tomes. Blade Music : Select a blade music type. Rhythmic Blade Music : You gain a bonus to your Fortitude defence equal to your Int modifier, and your Singing Blade deals extra damage equal to your Con modifier.

Harmonious Blade Music : You gain a bonus to your Will defence equal to your Int modifier, and your Singing Blade deals extra damage equal to your Cha modifier. But most options of this "style" seem to have VERY limited spell lists. Suggestions from a 4e perspective? If you must, multiclass wizard or bard and swap powers, but the bladesinger presented in Neverwinter Campaign Setting requires too much optimization to reach par in a completely unoptimized party to be worth considering.

Each class get's it's own powers. You can multiclass and then take additional feats to swap powers, but generally, you just have your class powers to draw from. Look at the swordmage powers. That is what you have to choose from. Originally Posted by Dimers. The second piece of advice is "don't build a hybrid", but hey, this is Tegu's game and he's kinda the High Priest of Hybridization, so you're cool there. Hallowhiem and Jirus By Meltheim. Then Hybrid Wizard Swordmage works well for that concept.

You are a sword-wielding spell-slinging combatant. You have a mixture of blade magic and traditional spells. You are reasonably hard to kill with your ward. It is mechanically tricky to build: a pure swordmage is far easier. I'm not sure I understand the question. Re: 4E BladeSinger from Neverwinter If he wants to keep his level 9 spells, or any other vestige of vatican magic, then he's not going to be playing 4E.

The Wizard comes close, but that's it. I was looking at these prestige classes and thinking the powers were in addition to normal 3x spell lists.

Thats a pretty drastic change I am 4e disabled apparently Welcome to Dragons and Dungeons. It's a similar game, and a lot of names will be familiar, but things are completely different in many key ways. Those aren't Prestige Classes, those are Paragon Paths.

And no, all the high powers Wizard just says "no" and breaks the game powers are gone. Or converted into Rituals that take quite a while to cast. Originally Posted by Tegu I need to find an FAQ or something. I haven't played in way too long I loved the Neverwinter Boxed Set, though most of my campaigns were based in that area to begin with so I might be biased.

I loved the work overall I do sort of like the idea of not having spells to pick from How do you guys resolve issues like that? If you want mechanical changes, those I can explain somewhat. If it's setting things, that I can't speak to, because I've only ever played in homebrew worlds and Dark Sun. I am starting to like the duskblade, just looking at ways to give him a little more punch. If you want a swordsman that uses magic, then the swordmage is your man.

It will tell you the full list of classes, races, powers, and feats you qualify for, and is the easiest way of wrapping your head around all of the changes.

The bladesinger and hexblade are both "magic and swords" classes, but are both wholly inferior to their parent classes - Wizards and Warlocks, respectively. Your options, more or less, are deal with one of those being sorta bad, play a swordmage or swordmage warlock or swordmage wizard hybrid, or take a feat on a sorcerer that lets you use any of their spells as a melee attack, though it still won't have the weapon keyword.

Standard character power progression is 2 at-will attacks, 1 encounter power, 1 daily power at level 1, scaling up to 3 encounter powers by 7th level and 3 dailies by 9th. Paragon Path powers are in addition, but at any other level that you get a new Encounter or Daily power, you must replace one of the old ones. Originally Posted by Sol. If you want to be a plated caster, it's more complicated, but the Paladin Warlock hybrid is solid.

Re: 4E BladeSinger from Neverwinter I am not sure exactly what high level utility spells are still around in some form, but most of them would be Rituals and not class powers. There's also not going to be anything with the insane power and versatility of a spell like Gate or Shapechange. Wish is pure plot now. Site Navigation. Tweets by RichBurlew. Most Searched Tags. Most Used Tags. Contacts List. Not logged in. All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved.

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In case any of the 4E crowd on Paizo boards is interested, Bladesinger class preview from Gencon. Download PDF here. I actually like it, kind of fixes implement as weapon. I do like they are not adding classes just variants off the chassis of main classes.



Bovine Intervention: a Minotaur miniguide. The Mind's Eye: a Psion Handbook. Bladesingers a-go-go: a list of my Bladesinger builds. Celestial Link Evoking Radiance into Creation. Level Dip Guide. Thought Switch Higher level build that grants upto 14 attacks on turn 1. If your allies play along, it's broken.

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