H hicks Member. If anybody can help me out.. Original Post. S sgtjones 2 Member. What do they use then? My company is still handing these out?

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HFBR - 2521 Z PDF

High Dollar Value Item Sheet | Army Study Guide

DA Form , Personal Property Record , was a form previously used for documenting and identifying personal high-value property. Data from the form could have later been used for claims against the Government for loss or damage done to that property. The information provided via the DA Form could also have been used to assist in the recovery and return of the property if it was ever lost or misplaced. The latest available version of the form - sometimes incorrectly referred to as the DD Form - was released by the Department of the Army DA in May As of today, the Army Publishing Directorate website has discontinued the release and redistribution of the form with no fillable DA Form copies available for download anywhere online.

ROCO 61195 PDF

DA Form 4986 - Person Property Record | Army Study Guide

To record identifying data of individual personal property. Upon the reporting of a loss by the individual, information may be used to assist in the recovery and return of the personal property. Information can also assist in adjudication of claims against the Government for loss or damage to personal property. Disclosure of information is voluntary. Failure to provide SignNow's web-based service is specially created to simplify the management of workflow and enhance the entire process of competent document management. Use this step-by-step guide to fill out the Da form promptly and with perfect precision.




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