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Thread: Why did Thrall help kill Deathwing? Last Jump to page:. Why did Thrall help kill Deathwing? I don't get this maybe it's just that I haven't read Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects. Shouldn't the demise of Deathwing have been the concern of the Aspects, not some puny mortal?

Why was Thrall made the Earth Aspect, and why did he play the key role in defeating Deathwing? Reply With Quote. Coz he's just swell that way. Originally Posted by Veiled Shadow. Last edited by The Madgod; at PM. The Brewmaster Tanking Guide [6. Mainly because he is a mary sue.. Originally Posted by Justforthis MMO-C, home of the worst community on the internet. Thrall is a shaman. Deathwing was totally screwing up the elements. It was noted many times throughout Cataclysm that the elements were "in pain" and "crying out" and similar things.

Thrall, as the most powerful shaman in the world, stepped up to defeat Deathwing and end the elements' suffering and, you know, save the world, I guess. Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.

So I chose the path of the Ebon Blade, and not a day passes where i've regretted it. I am Zethras, and my blood will be the end of you. Originally Posted by The Madgod. He wasn't really made THE earth aspect, more like his representative.

Really, the developers wrote themselves into a corner with the whole 4. They overplayed Deathwing's indestructibility, and really, there was little option in the path they went. But why Thrall? Going waaaay back to Lord of the Clans, we know that Thrall is a powerful shaman, even as an initiate. He was played up to be the most powerful shaman on Azeroth since day one. If they needed to have the power of the earth, they'd need a shaman.

Get where I'm going here? Originally Posted by madrox. Originally Posted by Novakhoro. I recommend shoulder surgery immediately Because the only thing that could defeat Deathwing was the demon soul and dragons can't touch the demon soul or they start melting from the inside just like Deathwing.

And sinse Thrall is the most powerfull shaman on Azeroth they had him be a temporary earth warden although not nearly as strong as the real thing to power up the dragon soul and then use it.

It always struck me as odd that Thrall was the 'strongest shaman' when really all shaman get their power from the elements and thus, the 'strongest shaman' is whoever the elements happen to choose at that moment to give the most power. So the fact that any shaman is stronger than any other is more 'who can cajole them the best? Or hell, based on pure negotiating skill Twas brillig. Originally Posted by Zethras. Also, Thrall is the strongest shaman in existence, he survived his essence being torn into 4 parts, and sent to the 4 elemental planes, and held the god damn planet together after Deathwing emerged, not a "puny mortal".

Let me spell it out. Thrall always had an affinity for Earth, so therefor he was the best option. Not perfect, mind you, we had to use the Focusing Iris to make it wieldable by Thrall, but in the end, it worked. Originally Posted by Orangetai Malfurion would have been a better choice, he's connected to the world more so than Thrall , and has wielded the Dragon Soul before. And what about Wrathion? What's worse is the whole use of the Demon Soul which, in all the books, had several passages dedicated to how utterly impossible it was to use the thing safely and go crazy or evil just from handling it.

Hell it explicitly -didn't react- to Shamanism during the second war and had to be handed off to a warlock. Deathwing threatened the world itself and sent the Elements into complete disbalance, thus Thrall was a figurehead for taking him down. The Earthen Ring protects Azeroth and keeps the Elements under control. Thinking about it from that perspective, Deathwing was the ultimate enemy for them. And Thrall wasn't the Earth Aspect, he was more of its representative.

Originally Posted by Princess Kenny. No, and no. There was no black dragon. The only one available was Wrathion, and he deigned to stay away from that business - and nobody knew his whereabouts. Originally Posted by Skytotem. All times are GMT. The time now is AM. Social Media. Services My Account. Resources Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Ads by Fandom.


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Forgot your password? Within these pages, you will find everything required to understand how best to play this hero, in both different map styles and team compositions. Orphea is an odd caster with above-average survivability and high damage output potential but limited access to crowd control. Given that all of Orphea's Abilities have a cast time or delay, they can all be avoided by prepared opponents Meta build. Focuses on improving area of effect burst damage to eliminate most squishy Heroes in a single Ability rotation.


Overwatch League. Log In. Races Classes Talents. Warcraft Lore.

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