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Tomado de Hyland, M. Do person variables exist in different ways? American Psychologist, 40, Derechos reser- vados por la American Psychological Association. A menudo existen compromisos entre esos requerimientos. Se supone que la ciencia sea objetiva y libre. Otras no corresponden bien con ninguno de esos modelos. Sperry, , , por su parte, considera que el funcionamiento mental superior, incluida la experiencia subjeti- va, es causal por derecho propio. Puede pensarse que la personalidad es la historia de la vida de la persona.

Cuando la per- sonalidad cambia, reescribimos en efecto la historia de nuestra vida, cambiando tal vez el futuro o narrando el pasado desde un punto de vista diferente. Lo mismo sucede con la his- toria de la vida de una persona. Este control superior puede denominarse determinismo emergente. Staats, A. Unified positivism and unification psy- chology. American Psychologist, 46, Referencias Abelson, R. Psychological status of the script Adler, A. The progress of mankind.

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Problem children. Individual Psy- digms: A preliminary investigation. Journal of Per- chology, 44, — Original work published sonality Assessment, 57, — Understanding children with emo- Predicting depression using earliest child- tional problems. Journal of Humanistic Psychology, hood memories. Journal of Personality Assessment, 38, — Agger, E. Psychoanalytic perspectives on sib- Acosta, S.

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Attachments beyond in- chology, 14, 57— Original work published fancy. American Psychologist, 44, — Social interest: A challenge to Ainsworth, M. New York: Capricorn. Original work S. Patterns of attachment: A psychological published study of the Strange Situation. Hillsdale, NJ: Erl- baum. Co-operation between the sexes: Writ- ings on women and men, love and marriage, and Albion, F.

A methodological analysis of self- sexuality H. Ansbacher, Eds. Behavioral Disorders, 8, and Trans. New York: Norton. The fundamental views of Individual Alexander, I. Personality, psychological as- Psychology. Individual Psychology, 38, 3—6. Origi- sessment, and psychobiography. Journal of Person- nal work published ality, 56, — Personology: Method and con- Allport, G.

Personality traits: tent in personality assessment and psychobiography. Their classification and measurement. Alexander, S. Very much a lady. New York: Dell.


Teorias De La Personalidad Susan Cloninger

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