Super Commando Dhruva is a fictional character, an Indian comic book superhero , [1] [2] [3] who appears in comic books published by Raj Comics. The character, created by writer and illustrator Anupam Sinha , first appeared in GENL 74 Pratishodh Ki Jwala [4] published in April [5] and since then, has appeared regularly in many issues published by Raj Comics. Super Commando Dhruva operates in the fictional Indian city of Rajnagar. He is the founder of a fictional government-approved crime fighter organization Commando Force. The character's appearance is distinctive and iconic: a yellow and sky blue costume, brown boots and a utility belt with a star-shaped buckle. The star has almost become a trademark of the character.

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Dhruva first featured in the title Pratishodh Ki Jwala in Since then, the character has featured in many titles published by Raj Comics , including solo issues, two hero and multi-hero crossovers , parallel series set in alternate universes , limited series and guest appearances. This list presents all these titles in order of publication; it also includes titles in which Dhruva does not appear but which are related to the character.

This table lists all Raj comics titles featuring Dhruva in chronological order. The primary publishing language for all Dhruva titles is Hindi however, many of these titles have since been translated and published in English as well. Cover art for the reprints [10].

Released in paperback and a special limited edition hardbound collector's edition. The limited edition had 4 additional pages featuring Nagraj, Shakti, Parmanu and Ins. Steel in a guest appearance. Published in paperback and hardbound special edition. A list of titles related to Dhruva, however, the character itself doesn't appear in these titles. This list enlists the limited series story arcs published by Raj comics featuring Super Commando Dhruva. Nagayana is an 8-part mega series featuring Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruva that was published by Raj comics in a span of 3 years from It is a story based in A.

The series was co-written by Anupam Sinha and Jolly Sinha, and the artwork for the series was handled by a team of various artists led by Anupam Sinha himself. Largely based on the Hindu epic Ramayana , the story of Nagayana as a whole as well as most of its sub-plots narrowly follow the same storyline as that of the Hindu epic with Raj Comic characters Nagraj, Dhruva, Visarpi and Nagpasha filling in the roles of original characters Rama , Laxmana , Sita and Ravana respectively.

Earlier supposed to be a four-part series, this series was later converted into an 8-part series in order to fit in various sub-plots. The series ended with Dhruva and Nagraj sacrificing their lives to defeat Krurpasha Nagpasha's alias in the series. Nagayana ends with the progeny of Dhruva and Nagraj taking over the responsibility to fight evil forces. Five years later, in , Raj comics published a page epilogue to the iconic 8-part series, thus laying a foundation for sequel to Nagayana, Mahanagayana.

Kid Superheroes is a series of free webcomic strips published by Raj Comics on their official Facebook page featuring the childhood versions of their superheroes. These strips are usually humorous and are targeted towards young children as part of a promotional policy to expand the publisher's reader base.

Raj comics started publishing these free strips on their Facebook page in In , they compiled these strips and published first issue of kid superheroes.

Initially distributed as free gift with all online orders placed on 5 October - Free Comic Book Day , the issue was later sold commercially and became one of the bestsellers Raj comic title. Many Dhruva titles have been reprinted in trade paperback format. Some of the titles have been translated in English and published in trade paperback format. These are special collected editions that collect all the titles of a single story arc or titles whose stories are closely related.

Usually they are published in hardcover with alternative cover art. Sometimes they contain newly penned bonus pages. The following are collections of titles featuring Dhruva in trade paperback format. Following trade paperbacks collected English reprints of Raj Comics titles featuring Dhruva in one or more, but not all, of its collected material.

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Comic has been published in English. Comic has not been published in English. Main article: Nagayana. Retrieved 21 June Retrieved 22 June Raj Comics. Retrieved 25 June Retrieved 26 June Raj comics. The title of the issue published in English might not necessarily be a literal translation of its Hindi counterpart however, in case of issues that have not yet been published in English, their original Hindi title has been literally translated in English. Super Commando Dhruva.

Created by: Anupam Sinha. Shyam Radha Shweta. Jupiter Circus. Pratishodh Ki Jwala. Categories : Raj Comics Lists of comics by character Lists of comic book titles. Hidden categories: Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Contribute Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Debut issue of Super Commando Dhruva [1]. Dhruva's only solo issue where he is not featured on the cover art [2]. First part of a two-part story [3]. Concluding part of the two-part story [4] Introduces Chandika. Dhruva's arch enemy Grand Master Robo made his first appearance [5]. Original cover art [9] Cover art for the reprints [10]. First special issue published by Raj Comics.

It brought Nagraj and Dhruva together for the first time [17]. Dhruva's first solo special issue [18]. First part of a two-part story [20]. Concluding part of the two-part story [21]. This comic was released as a giant issue. Concluding part of the two-part story.

Cover also features other Raj Comics superheroes, but they are not seen in the issue. In late , the publishing company decided to combine the serial numbers of all its General GENL and Special SPCL issues, as a result of which the serial number of the titles jumped from close to to above 2, Nagayana Series - Part 1 [22]. Nagayana Series - Part 2 [23]. Nagayana Series - Part 3 [24]. Nagayana Series - Part 4 [25]. Nagayana Series - Part 5 [26].

Nagayana Series - Part 6 [27]. Nagayana Series - Part 7 [28]. Nagayana Series - The Concluding Part [29]. This was also the last solo Dhruva title on which Anupam Sinha worked before taking an indefinite break from the character. City without a hero series - Part 3 Released in paperback and a special limited edition hardbound collector's edition.

Sarvanayak series - Part 1 Published in paperback and hardbound collector's edition. Anupam Sinha returned with a Dhruva solo title after a four-year hiatus, his last Dhruva solo being Game Over released back in These 16 pages were also published as a separate issue titled Mahamanav Ki Gawahi.

A page epilogue to the 8-part Nagayana series that concluded in It laid the foundation for the upcoming series Mahanagayana , a sequel to the original Nagayana series. Rajnagar Rakshak series - Part 1 Published in paperback and hardbound special edition. Baal Charit series - Part 2 Published in paperback and hardbound special edition with alternative cover art.

Sarvanayak Vistaar series - Part 1 Published in paperback and hardbound special edition. Varan Kand [22]. Grahan Kand [23]. Haran Kand [24]. Sharan Kand [25].

Dahan Kand [26]. Rann Kand [27]. Samar Kand [28]. Itee Kand [29].


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