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Byron Katie: Yeah. That was it. I obsessed suicide. I thought I had to get dead to get free. BK: Yeah, I got married. I married the man I dated in high school. And then we had three children. Then I divorced him. SM: So, then what happened? I mean you were just kind of moving through your life…did you work? You were raising three kids…. BK: I always worked. I was always self-employed. I always knew how to make money.

I was good at that. I was really good at that. Then after my divorce I started becoming just very depressed and…well, long before my divorce actually. It was very difficult. I did that for like 8 to 10 years: the depression.

BK: Yeah. As long as it was from my bedroom. Cuz the work I did was over the phone. My story is what people have told me, really, and so good you keep asking.

Sunny Massad SM: They were going to help your depression? I was very suicidal, very depressed. Really pretty hopeless. Just obsessing the suicide. Many years. So I went to this halfway house and…the women were so afraid of me that I was put in an attic — that was the only way I could stay. They put me in an attic up above. And I slept on the floor in there. And one morning I was asleep on the floor and I felt this thing crawl over my foot and I looked down and it was a cockroach.

I opened my eyes and… [ pause ] what was born was not me…and, the way I tell it is…she rose, she walked, she apparently talked. She was delighted. It is so ecstatic to be born and not born. It sees, and sees everything, without a concept. SM: Would it work to call it a sustained transcendent experience?

BK: I would say, yes. It transcended itself and itself was everything. It totally transcended that. Just to see this hand, is amazing! I mean, I eat that food [ points to the food ], I am eating myself. It is so good! I mean, every moment, It is Itself now. But to see this, you get still with that.

Or this. And you die. You dissolve into it. Anyone would. Just to get still. And I call it, who we are without a story. They said this is your husband. I said, good. These are your children. Your name is Katie.

Okie dokey. SM: So you truly had a disidentification. Even of memory? BK: Radically. Extreme opposite. It took a degree shift. Total shift. SM: So, some practical things: You were spending vast quantities of time in bed, you were depressed, and when the shift occurred? Used by permission. Photo by Rick Rusing.

Sunny Massad, Ph. She lives in Hawaii. Click here for her website. He believed that she was speaking as the peer of these ancient sages, as somebody who has had the same experiences and can speak about enlightenment with equal authority. Eventually Stephen decided to read to her his translation of the Tao Te Ching, all 81 chapters, and write down her responses. Those responses became the raw material for this book.

See it on Amazon. This website contains hundreds of pages of information for people who want to become enlightened. You can contact us in our forum or write to our email address. She experienced an unexpected awakening in following years of severe depression. SM: So did you get married, have children?

SM: And how old are your kids now? You were raising three kids… BK: I always worked. SM: And you continued to work? Sunny Massad. Autobiographical descriptions of awakening Other first-person accounts on this site.

Byron Katie Our main page on Byron Katie. Bio, teachings, links, recommended books, etc. Reading can be a hindrance.



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An Interview with Byron Katie

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