When you launch DVDStyler, a window will show up, asking you to create a new project or open a project. Disc capacity : 4. Video quality : Auto is recommended. Aspect ratio : for widescreen TV and for others. Audio format : AC3 is recommended. When you finished all the settings, click "OK" to continue.

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It is Open Source Software and is completely free. Subscribe for our newsletter with best Mac offers from MacUpdate. Discover New Mac Apps. Sorry, nothing on this page!

Categories Desktop. Sign in Create account. Download DVDStyler 3. Create professional-looking DVDs. Follow this app Developer website. Version 3. Possibility to create a new button from SVG file Possibility to edit buttons Frame-text button and template thanks to ecodrv Support of HD videos experimental, can be activated in settings Fixed: Functionality of command "call last menu;" if specified for a chapter Some bugs.

Join over , subscribers. How would you rate DVDStyler app? Post review. Filou53 22 November Most helpful. DVDStyler makes the job and it's free! It's no so easy as other applications, but there are many options and there is a good documentation on the site. Look and feel is maybe 'old fashioned' but i'm also 'old fashioned' ;- I tested some other app's: the good one's are too expensive for similar efficiency Bidule 21 June Chrischram 24 February Well it took the developer s three tries to get DVDStyler 2.

Chrischram 11 February DVDStyler 2. It is not ready for prime time. They broke the transcoding function.

It spins its wheels forever, producing thousands upon thousands of "buffer underflow" messages. This 3-star review is for DVDStyler 2. As a freebie low-end DVD creator, it can't be beat. It can produce a 3-hour DVD in less than 30 minutes. If you want more sophisticated features in your DVD, you must tinker with the dvd. One warning though: If you want to change the menu font settings, this application will crash every time. You can change the menu fonts by tinkering with the aforementioned dvd.

Wts 11 January Fails to launch in Yosemite!!! Bidule 14 September Bidule 06 April Arcish 08 March Arcish 23 February After the 2. Bidule 23 February Not for Requires OS X Madmacmad 31 January The Image Quality is the best i have seen so far Very easy to use and the Result is absolute Pro.

So i can compare the results Hey and this is free!!!! Dear Dev: Awesome Work!!!! Plz go on with it!!! Macrob 26 November I have used previous versions which worked ok read Chrischram's review, it's spot on! But this version 2. Chrischram 20 November You have to play by its rules or you won't be allowed to play. Perhaps there are other "illegal" characters that cannot be in a path, but I have not tested that extensively.

Unicode filenames need not apply. Don't move its windows around or you'll be sorry. GeogProf 18 November Bidule 18 November Macarone 10 October Same probs as others report, and can't find version 2. It may be free, but it sure wastes a lot of time. Chrischram 25 September Will not launch at all on my iMac running latest Mountain Lion. Back to version 2. That's the latest one that actually works. Why do I bother with this app at all? Bidule 25 September Previous version worked fine.

Chrischram 14 February The good news: On a fairly new bit iMac running the latest version of Mountain Lion, unlike its predecessor, this app actually works.

It's not as nearly as easy to use as iDVD, but there are powerful, somewhat hidden features that require downloading the manual. The bad news: On an older bit iMac running the latest version of Snow Leopard, this app goes through all the motions, but craps out during.

If you have an older Mac, get version 2. For those who swing both ways: The windows version of this app works well, but slowly, within Crossover and probably performs much better under real virtualization. There aren't many free choices for menu'd DVD creation, so this app is worth a look if you want to create DVDs on the cheap.

Chrischram 23 January And guess what, the Mac version doesn't work. If you want to try this app out, look for version 2. It was released in the spring of , and it DOES work. I tried running this app on two very different Macs. In an old bit iMac running Snow Leopard, the app goes through its paces, and fails when it tries to write its.

Two tries, two failures. On a fairly new bit iMac running Mountain Lion, the app just plain crashes when I try to add a second video file to the menu. Being built for multiple hardware platforms, the user interface tends to be pretty non-Mac-like, but one can eventually get used to it. And it's free, to boot. But I repeat. This version does not work.

Find version 2. App requirements:. Intel 64 OS X Apps you might also like. Apple iDVD. Improves overall stability, addresses a number of minor issues. Convert multimedia files between formats was iFFmpeg. VLC Media Player. Versatile video encoder; convert any source to MPEG-4 and more.


Hands On - DVD

It is Open Source Software and is completely free. Subscribe for our newsletter with best Mac offers from MacUpdate. Discover New Mac Apps. Sorry, nothing on this page! Categories Desktop. Sign in Create account.


How to Author a DVD with DVDStyler

Before you start posting please read the forum rules. By posting to this forum you agree to abide by the rules. This appears to be a good software package for someone like me, who just wants to learn about DVD authoring and to burn some Video recordings onto DVDs in a simple manner. This all worked out fine. I have read the Help and also the User Manual but they are very simplistic and of no help in this. Any assistance would be appreciated.


Use DVD Styler to create photo slideshow DVDs

After completing this tutorial you will be able to create a DVD with different menus and buttons for production a process called DVD authoring or mastering. In this tutorial, we will call any kind of material that we will use "footage". There is audio footage and video footage. Footage comes in different formats. You may already have audio and video files available.



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