When designing castings, the stresses occurring during operation and machining must be taken into account and used a basis. In addition, some casting materials, such as flake graphite cast iron , are particularly notch-sensitive. Compressive stresses rather than tensile and bending stresses should be applied, especially when using GJL. Notches and changing cross sections should be avoided by means of structural changes wherever possible. For the absorption of bending moments, such as with the wall-mounted support arm in Fig.

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Extrusion ; Extrusion of sections. Pushing a billet enclosed in a container through a die to form an extrudate. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Contents Search.

Bar Extrusion. Living reference work entry First Online: 25 January How to cite. Synonyms Extrusion ; Extrusion of sections. Introduction Bar extrusion is a process in which a block of metal billet is forced to flow by compression through a tool die opening of a smaller cross-sectional area than that of the original billet. There are two basic types of bar extrusion: direct and indirect. The most important and common method used is the direct extrusion Lange Open image in new window.

This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Springer, Berlin. Lange K Umformtechnik, Bd. Ostermann F Anwendungstechnologie Aluminium [Technological application of aluminum]. Saha PK Aluminum extrusion technology. Sheppard T Extrusion of aluminum alloys. Kluwer, Dordrecht Google Scholar.


151-0700-00L Manufacturing

Semester Spring Semester Lecturers K. Objective - Knowledge of principal terms of manufacturing engineering - Basic knowledge of some processes, their mode of operation and design forming, separative processes, Laser technics - Knowledge of product defining properties and limitations of applications - In competition of processes make the right decisions - Procedure for process chain planning - Basic knowledge for quality assurance Content Explanation of basic principles of manufacturing technics and insight into the functionality of a manufacturing shop. Plastic deformation- and separative- manufacturing processes, as well as laser machining welding and cutting , and their layouts, product defining properties and limitations of applications such as the associated workshop facilities, will be introduced in different details. Further basic principles of the industrial measurement technique and mechatronics concepts in machine tool construction will be discussed. Fundamental terms of productions engineering, plastic deformation, machining, Lasermachining, Mechatronic in the productions machine construction, Quality assurance, Process chain planning.


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