Granados - Twelve Spanish Dances. Translation: Enrique Granados Villanesca Op. Enrique Granados Villanesca Op. Translation: Granados Spanish Dance No. Sheet Music. Danza Espanola No.

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Privacy Terms. Classical Guitar Skip to content. Quick links. Forum guitare classique - Forum chitarra classica - Foro guitarra clasica - Free sheet music for classical guitar - Delcamp. I guess this is where a teacher would come in handy. I'm a little confused about few things I realize that the E is tuned to D and the A to G. Secondly I think it indicates playing the harmonic on the G string but then does it get played on the B string when it is playing the open G. Thanks for your help. Any questions you have as to what notes are what should be answered by looking at what was actually written.

Try it so as you can hear for yourself. In the interests of facility, the score is indicating which of the two harmonics to play relative to what other notes are needed. So sometimes you are playing the harmonic at the VIIth fret on the 3rd string and at other times the harmonic at the Vth fret on the 4th string.

I hope that helps. If you are still a bit lost let me know and i will do a Jolly for you but I am running out of time this morning to do so. When the melody is played on the 3rd and 2nd strings, the harmonic is on 4th string, and when the melody goes to 4th string bars and , the harmonic is played on 3rd string. No conflict there, although it is a bit tricky. I imagine he plays it the same in the beginning. He is playing the D at the 3rd fret on the B string and getting the harmonic on the B string on the 15th fret.

I guess the tough part is playing the G and the harmonic together. Seems a bit tricky. I guess the right hand is much more difficult than the left in this piece. I love Bream's arrangement. The piece keeps playing over and over in my head. I wish that it would have shown more of him playing and less BS. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Last edited by cn90 on Thu Jun 19, pm, edited 2 times in total. I was not quite sure how to include the notation in my post.

I tried a cut and paste but that didn't work at all. I will look into the Petrou version. Can you tell me where he plays the harmonic? As I said above Bream plays it on the B string, which is different from the delcamp arrangement. I will also look into the Parkening volumes. I also watched Yepes version of the song on youtube but I didn''t like it nearly as much as Bream's.

I think no 4 works quite well on solo guitar but I have no doubt that it is not easy to do it well. I appreciate your feedback. I think no 4 works quite well on solo guitar but I have no illusions that it is easy to do it well. The harmonics are easier to play and sound closer to the Bream version on the Jose de Azpiazu transcription.

The Barrueco transcription is better for the slow middle section. Good luck - a fantastic piece on the guitar. You can find the score online. BTW I found this collection and thought it would be a good one to get.

It has the Apiazu arrangement as well as some others. It's call Classical Guitar Masterpieces. Sainz de la Maza. Garcia Velasco. Valses Poeticos composed by Enrique Granados What do you think? Does it exist? Now that Bream retired, we should email him and say: "Please send us the pdf for free Board index All times are UTC.


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