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Oddie informa una incidencia de 7 x cada , nacidos vivos. Nair S, et al. Clinical profile of neonates with hypernatremic dehydration in an outborn neonatal intensive care unit. Indian Pediatr ; Invest Materno Infant ; VI 2 : Ergenekon E, et al. Hypernatremic dehydration in the newborn period and long term follow up.

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Breastfeed Med ; 12 6 : Peripheral gangrene in hypernatremic dehydration of infancy. Hypernatremic dehydration and necrotizing enterocolitis. Postgrad Med J ; Pulmonary hypertension and right heart failure due to severe hypernatremic dehydration. Perfusion ; 32 5 : Finberg I. Pathogenesis of lesions in the nervous system in hypernatremic states: I. Clinical observations of infants. Pediatrics ; Severe neonatal hypernatraemia: a population based study.

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Philadelphia: Elsevier Saunders, An Pediatr ; 58 4 : Hypernatremic dehydration in exclusively breastfed infants: a potentially fatal complication. West Indian Med J ; 55 4 : Seizure following oral rehydration of hypernatremia with water. Clin Pediatr ; 29 4 : Pathogenesis of seizures occurring during restoration of plasma tonicity to normal in animal previously chronically hypernatremic. Hypernatremic dehydration in Young children: is there a solution?. Isr Med Assoc J ; 18 2 : Factores asociados a desenlace adverso.

Acta Pediatr Mex ; 33 5 : Weighing alone will not prevent hypernatremic dehydration. Enteral water for hypernatremia and intestinal morbidity in infants less than or equal to g birth weight. J Perinatol ; 27 1 : Molteni KH. Initial management of hypernatremic dehydration in the breastfed infant. Clin Pediatr ; Reference chart for relative weight change to detect hypernatraemic dehydration.



Hypernatremia is a common electrolyte abnormality, but it is rarely attributable to excess sodium. Hypernatremia due to exogenous salt intake, caused either by accidental ingestion or as a form of child abuse, is rare, difficult to manage and results in high mortality. Although hypernatremia is easily recognized by laboratory tests, its etiology is often difficult to determine. A surprisingly small amount of salt intake can result in a fatal outcome..

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