Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Objetivo. Se utilizaron fuentes secundarias. El riesgo fue similar en ambos sexos, salvo para la causa E

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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. The advances in genetics and molecular biology have raised new areas in medicine, such as pharmacogenomics, which tries to predict drug responses and toxicities based on the individual genetic variability, describing the so called: pharmacogenomic syndromes. Oncology would find this development extremely useful because of the severe toxicity of chemotherapy. There are a lot of genetic loci under investigation for their potential in predicting drug toxicity, but only three of them have showed clinical usefulness up to now.

In particular, quantification of the number of thymine-adenine TA dinucleotics in the promoter region. Se usaron treinta ratas Sprague-Dawley, hembras y machos, de 6 semanas de edad. Hepatotoxicity is the alteration of liver structure and function induced by either drugs or other substances. The importance of its proper diagnosis rests on its potential severity. It is the most frequent reason by which the pharmaceutical industry withdraws its products.

Tuberculosis is a pandemic infection affecting a large proportion of the world population. Together with HIV infection it is becoming ever more frequent in Colombia. Tuberculosis poses. Se emplearon ratones OF-1 de ambos sexos. No se comprobaron alteraciones que evidenciaran toxicidad por parte de la vacuna y sus componentes. Se considera que los resultados de la prueba fueron satisfactorios. Toxicidad por metotrexato Hematological emergencies.

Methotrexate toxicity. Methotrexate is an antimetabolite which competitively inhibits the dihydrofolate reductase enzyme and has anti-proliferative and immunosuppressive activity and therefore it is used in the treatment of various hematological malignancies.

The main adverse effects are myelosuppression, renal insufficiency, mucositis and neurological disorders. The adequate management of intoxication by this drug is very important since fast and appropriate actions can reverse the damage and save the patient's life.

A review of the behaviour against acute toxicity by this drug is reported. O estresse oxidativo parece estar envolvido na toxicidade induzida Myiasis gastrointestinal humana por Eristalis tenax. Full Text Available Son caracterizadas las myiasis registradas en Bariloche y establecidas las condiciones probables bajo las cuales se produjeron las infestaciones. Como Biomodelo experimental se utilizaron ratas Sprague Dawley machos y hembras con pesos de a g.

Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina. Escuela de Posgrado. L-1 e Cd 0, e 0, mg. As algas foram usadas como fonte de alimento para C. Myiasis gastrointestinal humana por Eristalis tenax Gastrointestinal human myiasis for Eristalis tenax. As larvas obtidas a partir das fezes de dois pacientes foram identificadas como Eristalis tenax Diptera: Syrphdae.

The myiasis observed in Bariloche are characterized and the probable conditions under which the infestations took place established. These 2 cases of human gastrointestinal myiasis were the. Full Text Available This work studies the acute contact toxicity of oxalic acid OA on a honeybee polyhybrid subspecies Apis mellifera, which is the dominant biotype in southwestern zone of Uruguay SWZU and the country's most important honey-producing region. We also estimated the total number of honeybees per hive in the test area.

The aim was to assess the relationship between the maximum OA dose used in Uruguay 3. The current dose of 3. Los resultados mostraron que es posible elevar la dosis actual de AO por colmena a 9. Due to widespread industrial use, chromium is considered a serious environmental pollutant. The plants were exposed to increasing concentrations of Cr and evaluated after four, six, and ten days of treatment. The test results showed that salvinia plants under stress conditions for Cr exhibit decreases in the concentrations of chlorophylls a, b, and total, and, in contrast, increases in anthocyanin concentrations.

Although the. Full Text Available Selenium Se is described as an essential micronutrient and participates in different biological functions, as the antioxidant defense systems maintenance and regulation. However, when in high concentrations, Se may cause toxic effects as well as hematological changes in fish. The erythrocytic and leukocytic series were examined over 14 days at intervals of 0, 3, 5, 7,10 and 14 days.

The erythrocytic series showed significant alterations in the first 7 days, including the control group. Neutrophils and monocytes showed variations in the first 3 days at a concentration of 1. The total number of leukocytes was different in relation to time zero on all Se concentrations.

The thrombocyte count also differed statistically from time zero and control in the first 3 days at 0. These results indicate that different concentrations induce an acute response with diminution of total leukocytes, neutrophilia, monocytosis and thrombocytosis.

Se determina la toxicidad y los niveles de cromo en branquias. Toxicidade aguda do extrato aquoso de folhas de Erythrina velutina em animais experimentais. Camarosa a niveles elevados de Zn y Mn en el suelo. Las plantas de fresa crecieron en materas llenas con suelo en un invernadero en Tunja Colombia. H2O, respectivamente, por kilogramo de suelo secado al aire. Las plantas se cosecharon 16 semanas luego de empezados los tratamientos.

No primeiro experimento, larvas de 48 horas d The Sitophilus zeamais species is a major pest of stored maize in Brazil. The control is made, usually, using measures of hygiene and cleanliness, synthetic insecticides and fumigant protectors. The search for less toxic products, biodegradable and safe from an ecological point of view is very well accepted by society.

Hallazgos de un estudio de caso. Forma parte de la microbiota del tracto gastrointestinal y urogenital de individuos sanos sin producir enfermedad. En este trabajo se ha estudiado la influencia de las diferentes rutas de MAPK en proce Crotalaria incana l. E-mail: dinovaz colpos. Leucaena leucocephala y Crotalaria incana a diferentes concentraciones de HTP hidrocarburos totales del petroleo.

Toxicidade pulmonar induzida pela rapamicina Lung toxicity induced by rapamycin. A toxicidade pulmonar tem sido descrita como um dos potenciais efeitos laterais, nomeadamente causando formas de pneumonite intersticial ou, mais raramente, hemorragia alveolar. Os quatro doentes foram admitidos por febre, tosse produtiva 2 e dispneia 3. No restante doente, observou-se hemorragia alveolar grave.

Drug induced lung diseases DILD are an increasingly cause of morbidity. Many drugs have been described, causing several patterns of injury. Sirolimus is an immunosuppressive agent increasingly used in renal and other solid organ transplantation. Pulmonary toxicity has been recognised as a potential. Assessment of the toxicity of sediment and seawater polluted by the Prestige fuel spill using bioassays with clams Venerupis pullastra, Tappes decussatus and Venerupis rhomboideus and the microalga Skeletonema costatum; Evaluacion de la toxicidad de sedimento y agua de mar contaminados por el vertido de fuel del Prestige, mediante el uso de bioensayos con las almejas Venerupis pullastra, Tappes decussatus y Venerupis rhomboideus y la microalga Skeletonema costatum.

Marino-Balsa, J. In this study we present the early monitoring of the pollution caused by the accident of the Prestige tanker off the Galician coast. To evaluate the toxicity of sediment and water exposed to fuel, three kinds of bioassays were carried out using juvenile clams, clam embryos and microalgae. Firstly, the burrowing behavior of Venerupis pullastra and Tappes decussatus in the sediment collected from two beaches of similar characteristics but different pollution conditions, was studied over 24 h.

No significant differences were observed between the two sediments. Secondly, embryogenesis success of Venerupis rhomboideus was recorded after incubation in seawater and elutriates obtained from affected areas.

In this case, fuel-polluted seawater showed a marked inhibition of embryogenesis, while sediment elutriates showed moderate toxicity. Parallel bioassays with the diatom Skeletonema costatum were carried out using sediment elutriates and filtered seawater from the sampling sites.

In the first sampling, significant differences were found in the response of S. Para evaluar la toxicidad del agua y el sedimento expuestos al fuel, se realizaron tres tipos de bioensayos: usando almejas juveniles, embriones de almeja y una microalga.

En los primeros, se evaluo el comportamiento de enterramiento de Venerupis pullastra y. La frecuencia de malformaciones vertebralesde P. Los efectos con H. Full Text Available Las hojas de la planta Xanthium spinosum se utilizan culturalmente en Paraguay por sus propiedades medicinales. Toxicidad en peces de herbicidas formulados con glifosato Toxicity in fishes of herbicides formulated with glyphosate.

Nowadays, transgenic soya, modified in order to withstand the impact of the herbicide glyphosate, in one of the main crops grown in Argentina. Due to the large number of commercial formulations that include this drug, is important to analyze both, the acute and chronic environmental impact that they cause.

Here the acute toxicity of two commercial herbicides glyphosatebased toward the fish Poecilia reticulate "guppy" was evaluated and compared with pure glyphosate solutions.

When some long term effects toward Cyprinus carpio haematopterus "koi" were determined by using the sub-lethal doses already calculated it was demonstrated that. El setenta y uno por ciento de las especies analizad El objetivo de este trabajo fue: I analizar la composi A 72 year old female patient with von Recklinghausen's disease was admitted with maelena.

Endoscopy showed no active bleeding in the stomach and the colon. Therefore an angio-CT-scan was performed which revealed masses of the proximal jejunum as source of bleeding.


Consejos para la prevenciĆ³n y el tratamiento de envenenamientos

Factors associated with poisoning in children. I Enfermeira. Mestre em Enfermagem. Banco de Sangue Dom Bosco. E-mail: erikaokuda hotmail.





Intoxicacion por fluoroacetato de sodio/Sodium fluoroacetate poisoning


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