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Semay et B. Silvestre-Brac, Introduction au calcul tensoriel. Ceuleneer and F. Michel, Regge poles and backward elastic a-particle scattering from 16O, Phys. Ceuleneer, F. Michel, M. Bosman, J. Lega, P. Leleux, P. Macq, J. Meulders, and C. C11 Michel, Semimicroscopic analysis of 44Ca a,a from C13 Ceuleneer, M. Erculisse and M.

Michel and R. Vanderpoorten, Optical model description of anomalous elastic and inelastic aCa scattering between 20 and 50 MeV, Phys. C16 Delbar, Gh. Paic, R. Michel, R. Vanderpoorten, A. Budzanowski, H. Dabrowski, L. Freindl, K. Grotowski, S. Micek, R. Planeta, A. Strzalkowski, and K. Eberhard, Elastic and inelastic scattering of alpha-particles from 40,44Ca over a broad range of energies and angles, Phys.

C18 Duggan, M. Lassaut, F. Michel, and N. Vinh Mau, Antisymmetrization and density-dependent effects within the folding model approach to a-nucleus scattering, Nucl. A Ceuleneer and M. Gilles, Identification of the internal motion described by shell-model states, Lett. Nuovo Cimento 30 Albinski and F. Michel, Quantum calculation of the barrier and internal wave contributions to light- and heavy-ion elastic scattering, Phys.

C25 Michel, J. Albinski, P. Belery, Th. Tasiaux, and G. C28 Michel and G. Reidemeister, Critique of a recent statistical interpretation of low energy 40Ca a,a elastic scattering, Phys.

C29 Reidemeister, Connection between deep- and shallow-type potential descriptions of elastic a particle scattering, J. G11 Ceuleneer and P. C 31 Michel, G. Reidemeister, and S.

Ohkubo, Evidence for alpha-particle clustering in the 44Ti nucleus, Phys. C34 C35 Ceuleneer, P. Vandepeutte and C. B Ohkubo, Potential description of the positive- and negative-energy properties of the alpha - 40Ca system and alpha-cluster structure of 44Ti, Phys. C37 C 38 Michel, Elastic alpha-particle scattering and alpha-cluster structure in the p- and sd-shell closure regions, Suppl.

Japan 58 Michel, Y. Kondo, and G. Reidemeister, Direct evidence for a rapid energy dependence of the nucleus-nucleus interaction near the barrier radius at low energy, Phys. Michel F and G. Ceuleneer and C. Semay, Nonrelativistic spectrum of the q2q2 system in large harmonic oscillator bases, J.

G: Nucl. Ohkubo, Alpha-cluster spectroscopy in 40Ca and in the sd-shell closure region, Phys. C41 Kondo, F. Michel, and G. Reidemeister, Alpha-particle elastic scattering and alpha-cluster structure in light nuclei, Physicalia Mag. Brihaye and C. Brihaye, J. Kunz and C. Semay, A multitude of classical solutions in the hidden gauge model of pions and vector mesons, Phys.

D 42 Takigawa, F. Michel, A. Balantekin, and G. Reidemeister, A geometric approach to strong coupling effects in heavy-ion collisions. Deviation from the Fresnel pattern, Phys. Reidemeister, Dynamic polarization potential induced by the Coulomb excitation of deformed heavy ions : geometric scattering approach, Phys.

C44 Ceuleneer, C. Semay and P. Vandepeutte, On short range correlations in large-basis shell-model calculations, J. Semay, Effects of the one-gluon annihilation process on the structure of the lightest q2q2 system, J. Brihaye, C.

Semay and J. D 44


ISBN 13: 9782100505524



Introduction au calcul tensoriel : Applications à la physique


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