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Dortmund is considered one of the most favorable second-tier cities for real estate investment due to the presence of several mid-sized IT firms that attracts expats from across Europe. The city has witnessed significant developments in the last few years due to its proximity with the Westphalia region that is actively involved in urban development of infrastructure.

With more than firms, TechnologiePark is one of the most successful technology parks in Europe. The increasing presence of information technology has made the city a truly international metropolis, attracting foreign nationals from across the world. Increasing employment opportunities offered by software firms has resulted in the city being the biggest software locations in Germany. Additionally, in September , Dortmund was recognized as the digital city by Living City Foundation as it rapidly integrates digitization in its city development policy.

In , The main factors that drive the demand for housing is the increasing population and growth in economy. Furthermore, average apartment prices increased by 0. While, the average price of two family apartments increased by 1. With increasing property prices in major German cities, most individuals prefer second-tier cities a more affordable option.

The city has a huge potential to grow due to the presence of new digital and technology centers that connect with several other major hubs globally. Germany's strong economic growth has resulted in price increases across German cities: On average the prices doubled in the last 10 years. The below figure depicts a 10 year comparison of residential real estate purchase prices for German cities.

LoanLink is a German mortgage broker specialized in the Dortmund real estate market. We also help expats and foreign investors get a mortgage. Our highly professional Dortmund mortgage broker team provides excellent advice in English and German. Moreover, we leveraged advanced algorithm technology to find the best mortgage interest rates from over regional and global German banks.

Our smart online mortgage platform is available round the clock to advise you throughout the German mortgage process. For instance, you can use our mortgage calculator to check your loan amount and monthly repayments. Our algorithm scans mortgages from more than partner banks to find the best deal possible for you.

Our experts are specialized to advise non-German residents, are certified mortgage brokers and are fluent in English. Since we are independent of single banks, we focus on finding the best offer available.

When buying a property in Dortmund, you always have to pay for additional fees, such as real estate tax, real estate agents fees, notary costs etc.

In Dortmund, the approximate additional purchase fees are as follows:. Real estate tax: 6. For more information in regards to the additional fees you would pay when buying a property in Dortmund, please check out our mortgage calculator for a more accurate calculation. As soon as your initial mortgage expires, you have two options.

On one hand, you can choose to pay off the entire mortgage at once. Otherwise, you can refinance at current market interest rates with your current bank or a new lender.

In most cases, refinancing with a new lender results in better rates for you. Altogether, the timeline depends on you. If you have all relevant documents ready the process can take only a few days. In case you want to be covered as fast as possible, please let us know. We have direct relationships to the credit departments of our partner banks and can accelerate the process.

Generally, lenders require information about your personal and financial situation. Some of the documents you will need include:. To list all documents you may need, please find a Complete document checklist on our blog. Once you decide to purchase property in Germany, contact the LoanLink undefined Mortgage brokers via live chat, email or phone.

Whenever you have a spare minute, you can also read our German mortgage blog to learn more. Mortgage calculator. EN DE. Log in. Get started. We use your data exclusively for advisory purposes and information purposes about mortgage lending. You may opt-out at any time.

Find your mortgage in Dortmund. View mortgage rates in Dortmund. Check our excellent reviews on. Calculate rate in Dortmund. Calculate mortgage. City of Dortmund. How prices are growing in major German cities? LoanLink is registered and controlled by the surveillance authority in Dortmund. Best interest rates in Dortmund Our algorithm scans mortgages from more than partner banks to find the best deal possible for you. Professional advice Our experts are specialized to advise non-German residents, are certified mortgage brokers and are fluent in English.

More information on mortgages in Germany. What are the additional fees for buying a property in Dortmund? In Dortmund, the approximate additional purchase fees are as follows: Real estate tax: 6.

How can I refinance my mortgage in Germany? How long does it take to get a mortgage? What documents will you need from us? Some of the documents you will need include: A German self-disclosure document. Proof of equity.

Proof of income last 3 payslips. Property information e. Latest tax declaration. Documentation of rental income. Where can I get more information for home financing in Germany?

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