It's raining like hell. Flashes of lightning reveal momentary. Far below. We descend toward the rock. Sporadic flashes.

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Back to IMSDb. The web's largest movie script resource! Search IMSDb. Far below us, a mysterious glistening wet rock lies engulfed in the drowning earth. We descend toward the rock. Sporadic flashes of lightning distort our perspective of the stone.

It looks strangely beautiful, like a diamond stuck in the dark mud Even closer And we discover that the underbelly of this beautiful rock is teeming with every kind of slithering repulsive insect NIGHT We can barely see the darkened street in a run down part of an inner city -- what we can see looks half demolished.

On her feet a pair of bright red high heeled shoes. The Chevy pulls up next to her. An oncoming car's headlights streak across the beat up Chevy's windshield The pretty teenage girl slides into the car. Dressed only in a skirt and T-Shirt, she's soaked to the skin. Make-up runs down her face and her hair sticks to her bare shoulders. She seems nervous As she closes the car door the man notices that her hand has been injured.

It's bound with coarse white toweling and stained with blood. In her other hand, she clings tightly to a cheap yellow leather purse. He reaches forward and puts his hand on the gear-shift, the back of his hand brushing against her leg, she moves away.

He slides the gear-shift into drive. Another car's headlights flare the windshield as he pulls out into the night. Revealing a decrepit warehouse interior. Carrie holds a 35mm still camera, an umbilical cord runs to a strobe light. Brian holds a flashlight in one hand, a tape recorder in the other. He begins speaking into the tape recorder. Most nights he'd bring her with him.

His flashlight scans the ominous environment. Carrie takes flash photo. The same strong male hands that unearthed the rock now pulls his rain soaked jacket clear of his torso. A crude bandage wrapped around one of the fingers. The rock is slipped up under his jacket The jacket is pulled down to conceal the rock and the faceless figure drifts away.

This is the where he'd take her whenever he had the urge to molest her. The flashlight finds the corner in question. The warehouse lights up again, revealing a huge machine room. Nobody would have heard her cries over the noise of the machines. The windshield wipers swipe incessantly at the constant sheet of rain beyond. This defroster never works The driver fidgets blindly with the various levers and knobs.

He finally manages to get the defroster and heater to work. The girl leans forward into the stream of warm air. She closes her eyes, lets it blow across her face. He watches her. His eyes linger on her body. She pulls her wet hair off her bruised face and gives him a nervous smile. He throws a curious look at her, then back to the highway. They found his body over in the corner, shot through the head. The flashlight continues to search through the darkness.

Another flash!!!!! The driver notices her opening the purse. The driver watches as she reaches into the purse She looks at them I look to the driver. You got a lighter? It's here somewhere. It's my wife's car. He pushes the cigarette lighter in to heat. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees the girl's hand slip back in her purse. And stay there. She stares at the car lighter and The driver glances at her, then back to the lighter. As another strobe light ignites.

Tape recorder hand, Brian continues Did she use that to help her pull the trigger? Carrie snaps another shot. The blinding flash illuminates the night rain streaming in through the fractured remains of the ceiling. Brian stops talking. Carrie scans the darkness. From the quiet A Thunderous Roar!!

Close on the girl. An intent expression on her face as she watches and waits His hand reaches deeper into her purse. The Driver tenses as he sees this.

The lighter ejects. The Driver reaches for the dash. The girl hurriedly lifts something out from inside the bag. The Driver yanks the lighter out Brian and Carrie glance tentatively at each other Then slowly Carrie lifts the portable strobe unit upward until it is pointing into the rafters.

Carrie fires a shot, triggering a brilliant Flash!! Out of the inky black The glistening wet rock emerges, hurtling downwards Tumbling end over end through the night rain She looks curiously to the driver whose hand is trembling slightly.

The girl reaches out, steadies his trembling hand The glistening wet rock comes smashing through their windshield!!!! Skids across the rain-slicked pavement and turns a somersault, landing upside down on its hood. The twisted hunk of metal hisses The front tire spins lazily to a halt on its mangled axle.

He's leaning on the railing and calmly looking down at the wrecked car. Rain streaks down his expressionless face. He dropped the rock. The Driver crawls out covered with blood.

Still clutched in his hand is the car cigarette lighter. Its red hot coil extinguishing quickly to a faint glow. Water running down his face.



Kalifornia is a American road thriller film directed by Dominic Sena , in his directorial debut. The film tells the story of a journalist Duchovny and his photographer girlfriend Forbes traveling cross-country to research serial killings , who unwittingly carpool with a psychopath Pitt and his childlike girlfriend Lewis. Filmed in Georgia and rural inland California in the spring of , Kalifornia premiered at the Montreal World Film Festival on August 27, , where it was awarded two competition prizes. The film received mixed reviews from critics, [4] [5] with some praising its art house sensibility, while others dismissed it as a violent exploitation film. Despite this, the film's acting was largely praised, and critic Roger Ebert heralded the performances of Pitt and Lewis among the best he had ever seen. Brian Kessler is a graduate student and journalist whose article about serial killers has gotten him an offer for a book deal from a publisher.

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First of all, it doesn't even bother to spell its title right. Second, it pretends to contain some kind of moral revelation about serial killers when all it really contains is Brad Pitt , lots of blood and a reasonably bad script. Pitt, so sweaty and grungy he's hardly recognizable, is Early Grayce, a maniacal killer living in a trailer park with his innocent girlfriend, Adele Juliette Lewis. They want to get to California, but unfortunately Early has set fire to their car, so they respond to a ride-share ad on the university bulletin board. Unfortunately, what they get is a demonstration. I didn't expect classic stud-boy Brad Pitt to be perfect for the role of a disgusting and evil menace to society, but he snorts, spits, and stabs with such panache that it made my blood run cold.

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