A dermoid cyst is a teratoma of a cystic nature that contains an array of developmentally mature, solid tissues. It frequently consists of skin , hair follicles , and sweat glands , while other commonly found components include clumps of long hair , pockets of sebum , blood , fat , bone , nail , teeth , eyes , cartilage , and thyroid tissue. As dermoid cysts grow slowly and contain mature tissue, this type of cystic teratoma is nearly always benign. In those rare cases wherein the dermoid cyst is malignant , a squamous cell carcinoma usually develops in adults, while infants and children usually present with an endodermal sinus tumor.

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Journal of Pediatric Surgery 45 , — Dermoid cyst of the spermatic cord in children. Received 15 March ; revised 1 May ; accepted 2 May Key words:. Dermoid cyst;. Spermatic cord;. Abstract Most of inguinal masses in children correspond to inguinal indirect hernias, but other pathologic entities may be found.

Dermoid cysts of the spermatic cord are very rare, with only 9 clear cases reported in the literature to date, all of them in adults. We present a case of dermoid cyst of the spermatic cord in a 2-year-old boy, the youngest patient reported so far.

Dermoid cysts of the spermatic cord should be considered as part of the differential diagnosis of inguinal masses in children, especially in cases of long-standing, nontender, and irreducible inguinal mass.

All rights reserved. Most of masses located in the inguinal region in children correspond to inguinal indirect hernias, although other pathologic entities may be found, such as other types of hernias, inguinal cord cysts, undescended testis, adenopa- thies, varicoceles, hematomas, femoral artery aneurysms, varix or thrombophlebitis of the saphena vein, lipomas, lymphangiomas, angiomas of the round ligament, supernu- merary pectineus bursa, pedunculated uterine fibroids, neuroblastoma metastasis, and epidermoid and dermoid cysts [].

Here, we present a case of dermoid cyst of the spermatic cord in a 2-year-old boy. A review of the literature reveals that our case is the youngest patient reported so far. E-mail address: marcosprada hotmail. Clinical case.

A 2-year-old boy, without relevant medical antecedents,. During this period,. Physical examination revealed a subcutaneous, mobile, nontender, and irreducible mass, approximately 2. Ultrasonography showed a well-defined cystic mass, 1.

Surgical excision was performed for definitive diagnosis, finding a well-encapsu- lated yellowish cyst, within the inguinal canal next to the inguinal internal orifice in contact with the spermatic cord and surrounded by the internal oblique muscle. Pathologic examination revealed a cystic wall lined by stratified squamous cell epithelium with skin appendages.

The definitive diagnosis was dermoid cyst. The patient made an uneventful recovery. Dermoid and epidermoid cysts result of the inclusion of ectodermic tissue at time of embryonic closure of epithelial fusion lines and neural groove during fetal development. They can occur singly or multiply in any part of the body, although are most common in the face, neck, and scalp.

Rarely, they can be intracranial, perispinal, intraspinal, intraabdominal,. Dermoid cyst of the round ligament and the spermatic cord are exceptional [7]. A review of the literature reveals 9 clear cases of dermoid cyst. Histologically, dermoid and epidermoid cysts have a well-differentiated wall lined by a stratified squamous epithelium that surrounds a cavity full of keratin.

The wall of the dermoid cyst contains skin appendages as hair follicles and sweat and sebaceous glands.

Unlike the dermoid cyst, the epidermoid cyst does not contain skin appendages in its wall. That they do not contain structures foreign to the skin, as cartilage, bone, respiratory, or gastrointestinal cells separate them from the cystic benign teratomas that are found in ovary, testicle, retroperitoneal, and sacrococcygeal regions [1,3,5]. Dermoid cyst of the spermatic cord appear as a well- defined, nontender, mobile, and irreducible mass, and sometimes have been interpreted as incarcerated inguinal hernias [1,3].

It is reported in the literature that chronic pressure by a dermoid cyst of the spermatic cord could result. Prada-Arias et al. Ultrasonography, computer tomographic scan, and mag- netic resonance imaging allow to evaluate the different structures of the inguinal area and to establish the location and relations of the cyst, which is useful to make the differential diagnosis and to plan the surgical treatment, but none of them offers characteristic findings that allow a certain preoperative diagnosis of dermoid cyst [3].

Dermoid and epidermoid cysts are considered benign tumors, but there are cases reported in the literature of malignant transformation to squamous cell carcinoma in adults with long-standing subcutaneous, intracranial, and sublingual dermoid and epidermoid cysts [8,9].

There are no reported cases of malignant transformation in children, but complete surgical excision is recommended to prevent recurrence, and pathologic examination must be always made for definitive diagnosis [1,]. We concluded that dermoid cyst of the spermatic cord should be considered as part of the differential diagnosis of inguinal masses in children, especially in cases of long- standing, nontender, and irreducible inguinal mass. Inguinal dermoid cyst presenting as an.

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Dermoid cyst

These slow-growing tumors contain elements from multiple germ cell layers and are best assessed with ultrasound. Although they have very similar imaging appearances, the two have a fundamental histological difference: a dermoid is composed only of dermal and epidermal elements which are both ectodermal in origin , whereas teratomas also comprise mesodermal and endodermal elements. For the sake of simplicity, both are discussed in this article, as much of the literature combines the two entities. Uncomplicated ovarian dermoid tend to be asymptomatic and are often discovered incidentally. They do, however, predispose to ovarian torsion , and may then present with acute pelvic pain. Mature cystic teratomas are encapsulated tumors with mature tissue or organ components.


Jurnal kista dermoid

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