The Music Makers. Seven Plainsong Masses in modern notation. Missa No. IX Cum Jubilo - Page 7. XI Orbis Factor - Page 9.

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Jordon "f Thompson Ltd. As it uJas in tke beg,'nning,. A - men. C' 10th Century. Ii - 0, et Spi-ri' - tu - i San-cto. Repeat: Ant. Vidi aquam. Ostende nobis, Domine, misericordiam tuam. Et salutare tuum da nobis. Paschal Ti1ne: Alleluia And grant us Thy salvation. Domine, exaudi orationem meam. Et clamor meus ad te veniat.

And let 11lU cry cOlne u,nto Tkee. Dominus vobiscum. Et cum spiritu tuo. And 'lI1itA tltu spirit. Miserere, as bfJjore. P Ot II. Christ, have tnercg.

Lord, have Inercu. Lord, Ilave IllercU. Et Glory to God 'in the h,ighest. We bless Thee. We glorifu T"'ee. A - gnus:. WllO takest. Qui tol- lis au'au tke sins of tke 'UJorld, kave mercy on 14S.

Wh,o ta-Rest. For Tn only art "'oIU. Ius Do - mi- nU8. Tkou only art most high, 0 Jesus. So be it. Heaven and earth are fu. Rosanna in the highest. Hosanna in the highest. Latllb qf Got'l,. IS pa - eem. Priest I - te. Priest I.. Go, the MaBs is ended. Tkanks be to Ood. Glo-ri - a in ex-eel-sis De - o.

And Oil earth,. We hles. We adore Th,ee. WllO takest aUlau tke sin. Wko takest awau. Por Tkou onl! Tu 8o-Ius Do - mi - nus. Tu so-Ius Al - tis - si - mus, Tko14 only art Lortl. TltOf4 only art most Itiglt,. Togetlter UJitlt tlte JIoly lltost in tlte. Ple- Boly Lord Ood of Hosts. Ro- san-na in ex - eel-sis. Be- ne - di'- ctus Hosanna in tlte kigkest. Blessed is He tkat. Hosanna in tke kigkest. I mis - sa est. Ky - ri - e e- Ie- i-son. Lord, have mercy. Chri'- ste e- Ie- i-son. Chri' - ste e- Ie- i-son.

Lo rd, ha've mercy. Lord, have 1nercy. Glo- ri - a in ex-eel- sis- De - o. A nd on. Lau - da - mus-te. We glorifU Tkee. De-us Pa - tero - mni'- po - tens. Do-mi-ne De-us, the onlu begotten Son. Wllo takest. Quo-ni- am- tu so-Ius san-ctus. Tu us Do-mi-nus. Cum San-cto Spi:' ri - tu, o Jesu8 Christ. Togetlter Il'ith tIle Holu Gllost. Heaven and. Ho - san - na- in- ex - cel- sis. LaIno ofOod, It'h. G16 - ri- a in ex-eel-sis De - o. And on. Be-ne - di'- ei - mus- te.

We bless TAee. JJ'e adore Tltee. Do-mi-ne- De-us, A-. Qui tol- lis pec-ca- ta- mun - di, BU- sci - pe U8. Qui se - des addax-te-ram prayer. Who st"ttest at the right of the. Pa - tris, mi-: se - ra - re- no - bis. Thou only art Lord. Thou, only art most higlt, 0 Jesus Christ. A- men. Ple- ni sunt of Hosts. Ho - san- na eartll, are fUll of Thy glorv. Hosanna in tke. Be-ne-di:etus qui ve - nit highest. Blessed is He that cometh in. Hosanna in tlte kigkest. Lamb of Ood,.

Priest I - te, mis- sa est.

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