Hello everyone! Welcome to my first article. As a new Classic-Pirates blogger, I'll try to focus on bringing you some things you may not know about classic pirates sets. And what better set to start with than the best set ever, aka - Black Seas Barracuda? First, we'll see what are the differences between European and US package, then I'll show you some little secrets that lie behind this legendary set. Now let's go, I hope you'll enjoy :!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my first article. As a new Classic-Pirates blogger, I'll try to focus on bringing you some things you may not know about classic pirates sets.

And what better set to start with than the best set ever, aka - Black Seas Barracuda? First, we'll see what are the differences between European and US package, then I'll show you some little secrets that lie behind this legendary set. Now let's go, I hope you'll enjoy :! At first glance, they look quite identical. However, the US version has some additional text on it : "Pirate system" under the Legoland logo, and "Ages " next to the Lego logo.

Nothing too mind blowing, let's open the lid! We have the same close-ups of the set, organized differently though. But there is one big difference : the US version has got a nice text which explain the Pirate theme context :. The reason why only the US version has it is simple : it's for english speaking countries, whereas European version is distributed to many countries with many different languages.

It only has a small text in several languages which says "The ship does not float". It may sound trivial now, but remember this was one of the first Lego ship ever. Another notable difference between classic US and European boxes is that US versions always have shown parts count under the name. This time I can't explain it maybe another translation problem? European box has safety instructions. For those wondering how it looks inside. It's the US version.

I didn't shoot the european version, but it has some very small differences in the plastic molds : the red oars are placed differently. I'll update this thread soon with a picture. The white boxes are quite unusual, don't they? Okay, now it's time to move onto interesting stuff.

Here's a proof :. Yes, you had to cut them yourself. I didn't mention it, but my US set is technically new all bags have been opened and mixed, but it was never built , this is why my sails still are new. There was also a clue of it being never built in the "box content" picture, but only a few with very good eyes and Lego knowledge will see it :.

If any of you think to have found what I mean, feel free to say it : , otherwise you'll understand when I review it. Did you know that the very first European batch had some issues? It was by chance that I found it and so far I'm the only one to have came by it. I bought my european BSB second hand, but mint in box this is the box shot for comparisons. At first, when I started to build it, everything looked fine. However, at step 6, a loose page fell from instructions.

I first thought that they were damaged, but no, it was a single face printed page, with another step 6 :. The first printed instructions came with an error, and TLG had to add a loose correction page. But wait, there is more! When I had to attach the rigging, something felt strange. I had previously owned a BSB and something struck me as odd with this one. The rigging looked way too much bent :.

I've checked everything to see where I made an error, but everything was fine. I thought there was another instructions error, not corrected this time, but didn't find anything. Then I tried with another rigging from my Rock Island Refuge set : it fitted perfectly. That's right, first BSB batches riggings were different. I've made a small investigation, and found why they looked bent :. Yes, they're one stud longer. Looking closer, I found this :. The left one is the "normal" one, the middle one is the one which came with my BSB.

Can you see the little numbers? I've checked all my other pirates sets with these riggings, they all have the 02 model. TLG first made them one stud too long 28 studs , then they made a "02" 27 studs long version to fit better.

Want more? Okay, I have one last little secret : a few days ago, a fantastic official stop-motion video has been posted , showing the first wave of Pirates sets.

By looking at it, I've seen something on the Black Seas Barracuda which do not appear on the final model :. Obviously, the BSB should have come with a ship's bell.

I've always wondered why did they put an arch there, now I know. I think they removed it because at this time it probably was seen as an illegal build, or maybe the round brick fell easily? However I'll add one to my model, as it looks fantastic! Well, I think it's over. I hope you've had a good time reading this, see you in a next article for more classic-piratey things! And if you know something I don't, please comment it so I can add this to my article, you'll get credit :.

This is some really interesting reading. Looking at all these pictures makes me want to buy this set, but it's so damn expensive these days I hope I'll convince my cousin to sell me his some day. To me, Lego is maybe the most inovative set of all time because implemented lots of features and stays at the fundation when differences between US and Europe were created. Discovering this set more and more, I actually start having many more questions and this is something extremely interesting because in facts it's only a Lego set, but somehow seems not be just a Lego set.

If these informations about batches riggings will get known, those riggings will probably become 3x expensive than the 02 version of today, even if they were a mistake. About number of pieces written on the box, this reminds me of a very weird conversation between me living in Europe and a friend who lived in US but spending his summer vacations in Europe. When we've been talking about Lego, he was always proud of himself but telling "I'm having the set bla,bla with pieces", and so on.

And at that time, being a child, I thought he doesn't even has real Lego, but he has fake cheap imitations and he likes to think that this is the same thing with Lego.

I thought this, because I knew you can't see the number of pieces of a set and at that time, in early 90', we couldn't see on the internet by checking Peeron or Brickset. European Lego made in Denmark could simply show the number and instead of putting a word as "pcs", they could simply add an image with a brick and it was done.

But I think they simply didn't want to. About the whole difference in names, boxes, etc I think the US Lego had a different marketing manager who wanted to promote Lego at a higher level when in Europe this was simply ignored because here Lego already had its own reputation and they didn't care about such insignificant details.

I really wonder why the sails were not cutted, and I wait for the day when it will be shown the differences between Europe and US of Lego I remember that clearly too! These two really were classics against which all the later Pirates ships were judged! Very interesting, you are like a pirate set investigator. Maybe Americans like to know how much pieces there are in the lego set they buy, I don't care about the quantity of pieces in a lego box, I never did, it doesn't mean anything to me, there are big pieces and small pieces so what's the point, maybe Europeans are smarter than have a different mentallity and would rather not have the number of pieces on their boxes?

Thanks to Big Cam, I've realised that the end of my article has been cut-off, there was one more secret that really didn't want to be discovered! You're most welcome. I loved the idea of this thread when you first told me about it. I got the BSB when I was only 8 or 9. It's the pride of my entire collection since it's the rarest set I have plus it's from my childhood so it's what I consider old.

I love all my new stuff too, but this is the type of set I'd never sell, simply since it's always been mine. The size error in the rigging pieces doesn't have anything to do with the 01 or 02 numbers. I've got a couple of 01 pieces and mine are the same size as the 02 pieces. I didn't know the Jib sail was attached like that. I'm pretty sure it wasn't in my version, although that was a long time ago now. Interesting thread. What fascinates me most of all, though, is that you got both the European and US versions brand new.

At least put it on carpet - you might scratch the box on those tiles! Also the box is far from being in perfect condition, although it's still nice. Secondly, it is sitting on the floor of a brand new room added to my house, with new and clean tiling :. I'd of course never put dirt on my boxes. The only default being one clip broken on a big flag.

By the way I'd like to sell it, PM me if any of you is interested. I also have for selling almost every classic Pirates set since I intend to buy them all new. As you can see, apart from the flag's broken clip, it's in perfect condition, with sails like new :.


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