Embed Size px x x x x Elektronick uebnice - II. Vzal sekeru na ramena, ual vrbu od koena, padla tce do potoka, zaumla od hluboka, zaumla, zavzdychala, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation. Pozn podle ukzky nsledujc dla? Kdo je jejich autorem?

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Bohemian Ventures. UNIT 1. UNIT 2. UNIT 3. UNIT 4. UNIT 5. UNIT 6. UNIT 7. UNIT 8. UNIT 9. UNIT She looked like a shadow of her former self. She wore a dress with matching accessories. He's planning an adventurous expedition to the mountains. Aggressive players are not welcome in our team. The new colleague is very ambitious. Two soldiers were killed in an ambush. Police usually wait for analysis of samples. His behaviour was annoying.

Appearance is not everything. The number of assaults on women have decreased lately. After sneaking quietly into his house he attacked him with a gun. The attacker was hiding in the dark.

Newspapers tend to be biased. He prefers women with blonde hair. Nobody invites him to parties because he is a bore. I need a brief summary of the book. After so many plastic surgeries she looks like a caricature. We can wear casual clothes to work. Thanks to his cautious character he didn't lose his money. I didn't know what to do, I was clueless. They killed their enemies in a combat.

Being a combatant is very dangerous. The vegetable comes from a small farming community. She's got very light complexion. Her husband is very complimentary about her cooking. Cinderella's sisters were conceited girls. She is a contributor of the Vogue magazine. She was afraid to confess to him because he is too critical.

He takes pill to cure his disease. Curly hair is easier to take care of. They've got two cute little girls. Internet created cyberculture.

She cleans the house day in, day out. He left his hide and de-lurked. He's working really hard because the deadline is drawing near. We get what we deserve. Please, use the machine only what. Their solved their problems by having. Their conversation during the class was very disruptive for the rest of the students. My colleague looked very drawn and pale so the boss sent her home. A few swimmers drown in that sea every year. It was a dull party, we all left early.

She always wears elegant clothes. They engaged last year and their wedding is next month. His movies entertain many children. You should observe the etiquette. Judges must be even-handed. Unfortunately we fell into their trap. If it is still not clear, the FAQs. She spends all her money on fashion, she's a fashion victim. They support a new kind of education with its focus on practice.

Freckles on her face look very cute. Frizzy hair is very tightly curled. It was a frontal attack which didn't surprise them. Having to watch and not being able to help was frustrating. She's hardly at home,. He was furious when he saw his car wrecked. For a good start you need to get your priorities right. When he was sick, he drank tea. He went silent after the shock. She left her hair clip in the bathroom. He's as harmless as a baby. I had to hold my tongue and listen. He was so ignorant — he didn't know even the basic facts.

He created an image of a strong, adventurous man. What was the impulse for cutting your hair? She is very impulsive, you can't predict her behaviour. I need an in-depth analysis of the case. His actions are incompatible with his position. What are the indications of being. Tom is rather infantile for his age. He acts like a child. Our boss makes people feel inferior. He lives in constant insecurity about his job. He did it with good intention, to help you. What an intriguing mystery! Your arguments are irrelevant with our case.

You can trust him, he's knowledgeable about the whole thing. Making the dress was a lengthy process. She lost some weight by jogging every day.

He was attacked by a man who had been lurking in the bush. Lurkers want to be present but unnoticed. Making fun of people is not nice. The woman is beautiful and yet. She is very mature for her age. He was a quiet modest man. It was a mysterious disappearance. The newspapers printed nasty lies about the actress.


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Embed Size px x x x x Elektronick uebnice - II. Eva Zral. Je jasn e sprvn pouvn interpunkce je opravdu dleit psan rek teek i uvozovek nen pouhm vmyslem ns uitel abychom mli m trpit ky Dobe pouit interpunkn znamnko nm me pomoci pochopit sprvn vznam vty je dobrm orientanm bodem pi ten textu a jeho porozumn Pokud tedy chceme aby se v naem textu dobe orientovali i ostatn u jen z tohoto dvodu bychom mli interpunkn znamnka pouvat Schvln zkuste si pest tento text ve znn bez pouit interpunkce. Koupila jsem si nov penl, seity i tuky. Koupila jsem si ve, co jsem potebovala do koly. Vydala jsem se do paprnictv a koupila jsem si nov koln pomcky.



Book viewers: Prof. Jozef Kuric, DrCs. Bohuslav Kraus, CSc. Karel Paulk, CSc. Even ehulka, CSc. MSD, s. Printing: MSD, s.


18.1 Významové poměry, interpunkce

Bohemian Ventures. UNIT 1. UNIT 2. UNIT 3. UNIT 4.

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