USP true USB2 es. EPA1 es. CNA es.

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USP true USB2 es. EPA1 es. CNA es. ARA1 es. BRA2 es. CAA1 es. MXA es. UYA es. WOA1 es. WOA2 en. USB1 en. WOA1 en. USA1 en. EPA1 en. Substituted 5- haloalkyl hydroxy-isoxazoles for combating phytopathogenic fungi. Methods and compositions for the production of stably transformed, fertile monocot plants and cells thereof. USA en. Rolling circle synthesis of oligonucleotides and amplification of select randomized circular oligonucleotides. Cutting bit insert configured in a polygonal pyramid shape and having a ring mounted in surrounding relationship with the insert.

USB2 en. Transcription factor sequences for conferring advantageous properties to plants. Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants and uses thereof for plant improvement.

DED1 de. BRB1 pt. AUA en. Stress-regulated genes of plants, transgenic plants containing same, and methodsof use. DNA molecule for detecting glyphosate tolerant wheat plant and progeny thereof. Identification and mapping of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the human genome. EPA2 en. Cotton event pv-ghgt07 and compositions and methods for detection thereof.

Methods and compositions for detection of specific genetic constructs in plant transformation events. CAC en. JPB2 ja. ATT de. BRPIB1 pt. Polymorphisms in nucleic acid molecules encoding human enzyme proteins, methods of detection and uses thereof. AUB2 en. Sequence-determined DNA fragments and corresponding polypeptides encoded thereby. Nucleotide and amino acid sequences from Xenorhabdus bovienii strain Xs and uses thereof. EST3 es. EPB1 en. CNB zh.

EPA4 en. Zea mays plant event MON and compositions andmethods for detection thereof. Coupling endonucleases with end-processing enzymes drive high efficiency gene disruption.

Polynucleotides encoding trehalosephosphate phosphatase and methods of use thereof. MXB es. Interferencia de la represion del factor de transcripcion hd-zip de expresion genica para la produccion de plantas con rasgos mejorados.

CNA zh. BRA2 pt. CAA1 en. DKT3 da. ILA en. PHA1 en. Copi coatomer beta subunit nucleic acid molecules that confer resistance to coleopteran and hemipteran pests. TRT4 tr. PEA1 es. RUA ru.

Copi coatomer gamma subunit nucleic acid molecules that confer resistance to coleopteran and hemipteran pests. JPA5 es. SGYA en. Combinatorial sets of nucleic acid barcodes for analysis of nucleic acids associated with single cells. WOA3 en. WOA8 en. EAA1 ru. ILD0 en. Isolated novel nucleic acid and protein molecules from soybeans and methods of using those molecules to generate transgenic plants with enhanced agronomic traits.


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