Anbarukku anbaneYavayumai, allaiyumai, Chothiyane thunnirulethondra perumayane, Aadhiyane antham naduvagi allaneEerthu yennai aat konda yenthai perumaneKoortha mey jnanthaal kondu unarvar tham karuthinNokkariya nokkenunukku ariya nun unarve. It needs no other explanation than the saying: 'thiruvAchakaththukku urukAdhAr oru vAchakaththukkum urukAr'????????????????????????????????????????????????? People who do not melt with bhakthi at hearing thiruvAchakam, will not be able to enjoy melt any other song statement Sivapuranam is forming first part of Thiruvachakam. Here is the pdf file of Thiruvasagam by Manickavasagar. Be happy always kadavula. Listen To enjoy them offline, download gaana ib for seamless streaming.

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Long live lord's name 'namaSivAya'! Long live lord's feet! Salute to Lord Siva who appear as a Guru in human form at Tiruperunthurai temple. Long live the many formed! Long live the lord! Neyathe nindre nimalan adi potri. Victory to the Lord Shivas feet Who is in Perunthurai temple. Praise to the foot of glorious Perun-turrai's Lord Shiva Hail the feet of our lord in beautiful thirupperundhur temple.

Praise to Lord Who bless me with unending joy. Shivan arullale. Sivannodaye sivapuranathai paadi. I adore His beautiful ankleted feet that are beyond the reach of my thought. Therefore, with his grace, I bow to his holy feet. The god with an eye in the forehead came as my teacher and looked at me with his eyes of grace. Having received his grace, I worship his beautiful feet that are beyond imagination and I rejoice singing song of Sivapuranam by describing Lord Siva qualities thathvas that will destroy my old karma in the process.

Vin Nirainthu Man Nirainthu - Mikkai Vilanggu Oliyai tpz; epiwe;Jk; kz; epiwe;Jk; kpf;fha; tpsq;F xspaha; ; Vinnirainthu vaanam sky full nirainji irukirar He appear in the whole sky Mannirainthu the whole earth Mikkai - inggiyumai Villangu Oliyai He appear in the light and everywhere.

En Erenthe Ellai - Illaa thane Nin Perumjir vz; ,we;J vy;iy ,yhjhNd epd; ngUk;rPh He is every where without any border ellai illai ellai attrethe Enni pagathe alluvuku ellam ellaiyilai irukirar.

O the radiant one i. You are beyond thought and you are limitless. I, the one with a past of many evil deeds, do not know how to praise you. You are infinite! You are boundless! I, the base one of evil Karma, know not the way to narrate Your immense glory! O our God! Grass, herb, worm, tree, beasts a good many, bird, snake, stone, men, ghouls, bootha-host, cruel Asuras, sages and Devas: I was born as all these fauna and flora , and now utterly fatigued.

Became grass, as tubers, as worms, became trees, Became many species, as birds, became snakes, As stones, as humans, as ghosts, as ganas, Became brave asuras, as munis and as devas, Stood in All, Everywhere, spreading on earth.

O Lord Who, beyond concept of the human mind, have no limits to the extent to which Your form stretches up or down! As grass, shrub, worm, tree, as full many a kind of beast, bird, snake, as stone, man. Ez;zpaNd Vetanggel Aiyah Enna Onggi Vethangelle aiya enna vananggi nindre He is so gigantic huge Althe gandre nuniyane althe agendre nuppa manavane He is also appear so minute microscopic.. I have achieved liberation mukthi by reaching your golden feet. O the truth, who resides in my mind as the praNavam 'Om' helping me achieve the good state.

O the one without blemish! O the one riding on a bull! O the tall, deep, wide, tiny one who is addressed by the vedas as the lord. All that are lies will disappear in you presence. Enthe nyanam illathaven nane. O the hot one!

O the cold one! O the one without blemish - you are the life in all! You came as my guru and blessed me by removing all the falsehood, O the bright flame of true knowledge! O the lord of eternal bliss, I have no knowledge! O the good knowledge who removes my ignorance! Aakamum alavu irudhi illaai!

You create, maintain, and destroy this entire universe. You bestow your grace. By your grace You remove my births and make me enter your service. You are like the fragrance of the flower. You are far away for those who have no bhakthi. You are very near to your devotees. O the inner meaning of the vedas, you are beyond words and the mind! This can also. O lord, you are the in the minds of the devotees giving them sweet bliss like the delicious mixture of fresh milk, sugar, and ghee, and cut off their cycles of birth.

You remained hidden when devas were worshipping you. I am hidden by the darkness of mAya ignorance caused by my strong karma.

I am bound tightly by the rope of good and evil. I am enveloped on the outside by skin that covers all the filth and worms inside my body. I am stuck in this hut of nine entrances that keeps leaking waste. These five senses are conspiring against me. I am a dog-like lowly person with an animal-like mind that had no deep love for you. Yet, you came on this earth and blessed me by revealing your holy feet. O the embodiment of all knowledge, you showed a greater love than a mother would on this lowly person who is inferior even to a dog!

White light has 7 spectrum of impurities and they are what we call as colours. Maasatra jothi! Paasamaam patraruththup paarikkum aariyanae! O the flower-like gentle flame of blemishless light! O the radiant one! O the sweet immortal nectar! O the one in sivalOka! O the great one who saves me by removing the bondage of attachments! O the great river of mercy who never leaves my heart and destroys all my evils with loving grace! O the forever sweet immortal nectar! O the lord of infinite greatness!

O the light who remains hidden in the minds of those who do not seek you! O the one who melted my heart and merged inseparably into my life! He says that divine is the gaze of the thoughts of learned men, a feeling so minute to be analysed, a transaction less entity no birth, death, income, expenditure , reproduction.

O the one who does not have pain and pleasure! O the one who has them! You are the devotee of your devotees! You are everything yet you are not those things! O the darkness! O the uncreated great one! You are the beginning, middle, and the end of everything yet you do not have them! O the great one, our father, who pulled me and enslaved me as his devotee! You are realized by those with deep understanding of the true knowledge! You are difficult to be seen with eyes too large?

You are too subtle to be researched. You do not go anywhere, do not mix with anything else, do not come from anywhere. God is everywhere and in everything. You are source of all good. You are our protector. You are the great light difficult to see. O LORD.. O the blissful flood in the river of good path! O father! You are the great light. You are the subtle experience that cannot be described in words.

In this ever-changing world, you come as various things and are finally understood as the consciousness. You are the distilled pure consciousness. You are the spring of delicious nectar of immortality in my mind.


Siva Puranam

It contains 51 compositions and constitutes the eighth volume of the Tirumurai , the sacred anthology of the Tamil Shaiva Siddhanta. Legend has it that Manikkavasakar was appointed as minister by king Arimarttanar and sent to purchase 10, horses from Arab traders [1] but spent the money building a temple in Tirupperunturai. Manikavasagar 's Thiruvasagam and Thirukovayar are compiled as the eighth Thirumurai and is full of visionary experience, divine love and urgent striving for truth. His father was an adivsor to the Pandya king and he followed his father's footsteps in becoming the king's minister. Pope places him in 7th or 8th century.


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