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Applying the knowledge gained in the design of the and constant coverage systems, JBL has created a compact monitor especially well suited to the demands of the digital age. The three transducers of the are arranged in a tight cluster to provide coherency of sound for close in monitoring, while assuring minimal off axis variation in the far field. Mirror imaging improves the stereo perspective. Continuously variable mid and high frequency level controls, located on the front panel, are calibrated for both a flat direct field pressure response and a rising axial response that produces a flatter power response.

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Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread: L vs voicing. L vs voicing A friend on mine is looking for 3-way studio monitors for his home studio. He was initially looking for a pair of either , or , but he recently stumbled upon a nice pair of L He cannot hear them before buying so he needs to be sure the voicing is adequate for studio monitoring applications.

The components are very similar to the H, , and two different iteration of the LE5 with 3dB sensitivity difference , but the networks are different. PDF So, what do you guys thinks?

Are these speakers properly voiced for studio monitoring application, like the are? Originally Posted by pos. A friend on mine is looking for 3-way studio monitors for his home studio. The job of a studio monitor is to tell you exactly what you're recording.

Therefore, IMHO the 1 most important attribute your studio monitors must have is your intimate familiarity with how they sound. It doesn't matter how accurate a speaker may be: if you aren't familiar with its sound there's no way you can tell if what you're hearing is on the recording or is being created by the speakers themselves.

Regardless of what speaker your friend chooses, he should not begin using them as monitors until he is intimately familiar with how they sound. He should live with them for a while as conventional music-listening speakers to get to know their version of "the truth" before he entrusts them to tell him the truth about what he's recording.

Ideally he should check his recordings on several different speakers of varying qualities to be sure that his mixes will translate well regardless of how they're listened to.

Starting with my next project I'm also going convert the mix to a kbps MP3 file and audition it on iPhone headphones as another "fact-check" on my mix. As for specific "studio-monitor" voicing, I can't make a recommendation between the L and because I haven't heard an L in about 30 years and have never heard a , but in general, a speaker with more detailed, dynamic midrange performance makes it easier to "hear into" the mix and catch problems with vocals and the "meat" of most instruments.

However, since it's now so easy to put lots of high-energy low-frequency content into a recording, it's also a good idea to have a speaker available that has accurate bass performance down to at least 30Hz, so your recordings don't wind-up with a build-up of low bass energy that smaller monitors simply won't reproduce.

My home theater's JBL subwoofer has been an immense help to me in cleaning-up the low-end in my recordings. L vs voicing. So, what do you guys thinks? There was a huge difference in sound box size differed too. I found the much more to my liking. BUT the is a true studio monitor. Detailed, not as warm as many L series speakers are. Described by some as critical, analytical , sterile, cool. No bass except where the program material really calls for it. Liked them , but they got displaced by bigger JBL's.

Originally Posted by B. The L uses a simplified version of the B network. The sounds different with near identical transducers due to its unique network. No real surprise, Greg Timbers did all of them except the , which David Smith did. Originally Posted by hsosdrum. As an L owner for over years, I've often wondered about that myself. Let's hope this topic will solve the mystery once and for all then Did you compare them to some or ?

Thank you, that is very helpful. If the tonal balance is similar to the a in the lows and mids then I think it is all good. Regarding the vs , when comparing the two side by side I was hard pressed to tell them apart at moderate levels I did not try higher SPL. I can see how the could be better as a nearfield monitor though, thanks to the vertical arrangement.

Thanks for the very interesting perspective I have another friend who works as a professional sound engineer, and he tends to do exactly as you describe, using multiple monitors, including lofi ones, like ipods or car sound systems. His main working tools are genelec , JBL and JBL , and it looks like each of them shed a different light on his work and help him improve his recordings. One comparison I didn't make which might be more applicable to the intended use, is my LSRs compared to the A.

I can't imagine a better near-field monitor. The imaging is unreal. I would think for what the Ls should be worth your buddy could buy a pair of the larger LSRs and likely be in monitor heaven. If near-field is how he works, I don't know why you'd even want a three-way with what these can do.

David F San Jose. The , even though sharing similar components was a better speaker in my opinion. When mounted horizontally as designed, the bass was tighter, faster and the L's are just missing something in the mid-range. There is no sparkle. The 's in my opinion are superior to the 's and 's which I have all owned.

Neither speakers image as well as Ls though which are of the same vintage. Greetings, pos, I, too, have a nice pair of 's, and like them very much! IF I didn't already have the L's, the 's would suffice, nicely, as our main speakers. I'd probably bi-amp them and add a subwoofer, but they sound great just as they are. For what it's worth Good luck in helping your friend decide. Take care, and God Bless! Every Good Wish, Doc. The only thing that can never be taken away from you, is your honor.

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JBL 4411 Speakers

Log in or Sign up. Messages: 8, Location: Jupiter, Florida. I have a chance at getting a set of mint JBL s, not too informed on these studio monitors so I would like opinions on their sound and what they should be worth before I consider picking them up. RS Steve , Apr 26, Messages: 8, Location: Pembroke MA. Make sure all the components are correct, if they need foam surronds it should not be a deal breaker but make sure replacements are correct and done to JBL specs, I'd recommend a JBL service center do it. I have and I don't doubt the will also sound excellent if you have a good source and downfield components.


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