Press 0 twice the display will show for example. I'm looking for a replacement user manual for a Eurosec PR security alarm please. Where do I get a manual for a eurosec pr alarm. Audio Players. I'm looking for a replacement user manual for a Eurosec.

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Quick Links. See also: Instruction and Installation Manual. Table of Contents. Page 3: Introduction Introduction Welcome to the eurosec control panel. Your installation company will have programmed your system to protect your premises to the highest possible standards. Several user programmable options are available that will be covered later in this manual.

Throughout this manual, reference will be made to the Master User Code, the factory set default is Set or Unset Status will only be displayed for ten seconds when the system is Set or Unset. The bottom line of the display will then be blanked off. Two methods are available for Full Set. After checking the premises are secure: Enter a valid User Code followed by.

The exit tone will now sound. Exit the premises via an authorised exit route. At the start of the setting procedure, a fault Exit Now! The display will show, for example:- If the fault clears within 20 seconds then the exit tone will begin, if not, the fault tone will continue until a valid User code is entered. Two other Part Sets may be available for your system.

Part 2 is a second set of zones that may be omitted and Part 3 will combine Part 1 and Part 2. To use Part 2 or 3. Enter a valid User Code followed by 2 or 3. Enter the premises via an authorised Entry Point. The entry tone will sound. Proceed to the keypad and enter a valid User Code. Display After an Alarm. If an alarm occurs when the system is set, the cause of the alarm will be displayed for 10 seconds after you unset the system.

Your installation company will have programmed the reset modes for your system so that it complies with your insurance company and legislation requirements. Your installation company will have informed you as to the type of reset that your system is set for. Page 10 If a Master Code Reset has been programmed by the engineer, a higher level of code will be required.

If Alarm Reset has been programmed for Master, then the display will show, for example, each time the User attempts to set! Zone Enter a valid User code. Press Reset. The system is now reset. Setting the system with Mains Fail In the event of a short term power cut, where it is known when power will be restored, e.

Page 13 Enter your User Code again followed by. Note: Pressing the Quick key during exit will shorten the exit time to 3 seconds. Enter your User code Then press Reset. The display is now reset. These are. User Numbers 1 to 3 Master Level.

User Numbers 4 to 7 User Level. Allows Set, Part Set and Unset. User Numbers 8 to 9 Set Only Level. Page 16 Press No. Do You Want to. The display will show:- Program Codes? Press Yes. Select 1. The display will show for example:- Code Page 17 Text is entered in a similar way that you would enter text on a mobile telephone.

Select characters from the list below:- YZ blank Enter the required character followed by Yes. Continue until you have entered eight characters. To use these options please follow instructions below. Delete Zone Option This option allows individual zones to be deleted omitted when the system is being set. Note: Zone delete is only effective for one Set and will need to be repeated for subsequent Sets.

Page System Test Press 0 twice. The display will show for example:- Set User 1? As each device is operated there will a tone from the internal sounders and the display will show the triggered circuit. To test the bells external sounders and strobe press 9. To stop the bell test press 9 again. To escape back to Unset press 0 three times. The display will show:- Test? Press No. The display will show:- Delete Zone?

Page 22 Enter the time using the 24 Hour clock e. The display will show, 03 Jul 00 for example:- Ok? Press Yes to accept. To return to the Unset Mode press 0 twice. The display will show:- Select Options? Note: EN control panel only. The the log may store up to events with time and date stamp. Non EN control panel. Depending on the Log mode Note: programmed by your installation engineer the log may store events with no time or date stamp. Page 26 Notes Page 27 Notes Print page 1 Print document 28 pages.

Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


EUROSEC CP8L User Manual



Eurosec CP8L Manuals


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